Don’t Let Weather Get the Better of Your Exercise

It’s that time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere where it would seem people’s motivation to exercise  becomes as brittle as the dried twigs in the garden. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still points to the challenge may people face when it gets nippy, windy and dry.

Maintaining your will through winter is always a challenge and heck humans are creatures of comfort and when conditions are slightly less favourable, sadly we become masters’ of excuses.

The worst part about falling into this trap of our own making is very fact that when conditions become favourable ,we only then start to make a break for summer fitness. It would be fitting to say it’s too late to start, but starting is better than not beginning at all. However if your goal is to be ready on time for summer you actually have to be prepared months ahead.

Set A Realistic Goal

There is a misconception that transforming yourself into the fitter you is quick and easy, but the sad truth is that it takes time and a great deal of consistent effort with your exercise to achieve.

Planning to start your exercise regimen so very close to summer is setting yourself up for failure as your results will almost never meet your expectations. You are simply not giving yourself the space and time to achieve your goal.




Now you may be thinking, well then I will start in winter! While that is the right spirit and it’s great you’re thinking that way. However, realistically winter is the hardest season to pursue fitness goals as so many environmental variables are against your pursuit. If you’re successful in getting through winter, well done! You’ve learned that you are capable of sustaining a fitness goal in the toughest of months, and keeping fit though those warmer season a breeze. You now have no excuse when it comes to the following year’s winter.

And if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere,  well then now’s the time to get out there!

The very best way to go about your fitness is to begin in the warmer months leading into winter, where you value your hard earned muscle and desirable appearance. Now you have a reason to plough through winter and you will have the momentum to carry yourself through.

Look And Feel Great All Year Round

This does not mean procrastinating your fitness for this summer, so that you have a favourable start, rather learn how to cope in the unfavourable winter months. The logic is if you can sustain your fitness efforts through the tougher months of the year, then you are that bit closer to keeping to a fitness regimen year round.

Let me be the first to tell you the obvious reason for year round fitness, it’s as simple as: The longer you sustain a quality healthy lifestyle, the better you WILL look and feel.