A Few Easy Yoga Moves Could Improve Your Golf

So you’re at the range or even better, your golf club of your choice is getting ready to have a great round of golf.  How should you prepare to get the most out of each shot?

It’s important to understand the physiology of a golfer and to pay attention to the relevant muscle groups that will form part of the kinetic chain in a golf swing.

Yoga can really improve your golf game… but first

We need to talk about your arms.

  • Your leading arm is the arm nearest to the direction you are hitting.
    Your following arm – direct opposite to where the ball would go. Example: Right Hander.
    Leading arm – left
    Your following arm – right

    1) Grip – Forearm Flexors & Extensors
    2) Arms – Biceps (rear arm) & Triceps (leading arm)
    3) Shoulders – Posterior Deltoid & Medial Deltoid (leading arm) and Anterior Deltoid (following arm)
    4) Pectoral – more recruitment on the following arm
    5) Back – Erector Spinae
    6) Legs (where you draw your power from)

Your Golf is A One Sided Game

You can appreciate golf is a one sided game, which leads to muscle imbalance and for that very reason I recommend after every swing with your dominant side, gently repeat the swing to the other side (obviously only the movement, not hitting the ball).

The following warm up routine will prime your muscles and will optimise your neural firing for a smooth, powerful swing.

These Yoga Moves Will Improve Your Golf Game

1) Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation (will warm you up tremendously, so do a few before, including the next exercise).

Sun Salutation

2) Paschi Namaskar – Reverse Prayer (This will deeply stretch the forearms, filling the hands with blood, enhancing your grip and enhancing your feel for greater control).

reverse prayer

3) Free weight body squat – (Will involve erector spinae and warm the legs, giving you more foundation to draw from). Do 15 -20 repetitions, slow, controlled and full Range of Motion.

Free weight squat copy

4) Oblique twists – Take a 6 & 5 iron arrange them alongside each other with each head at each grip for equal weighting. Holding both shafts to each grip, place the middle of each shaft upon your trapezius and place your feet hip width apart.

Oblique twists

Now with good posture perform a deliberate twist to one side slowly eliminating any momentum, using only your core to perform the twist till you can’t any more, pause, then go slowly to the other side. Remember to keep your hips facing forward and resist the tendency for the hips to follow the twist. Repeat for 20 cycles.

5) 10 light swings to your dominant side, 10 swings to the other side.

Repeat steps 1-5 once or twice and get ready for a great game of golf!

This is why yoga should be part of your weekly fitness routine