How To Maintain a Successful Travel Fitness Programme

By Tyrone Wessels

The fitness lifestyle is one of routine, time efficiency and consistency. Often consisting of healthy meals, commitments to training, fixed waking, working and sleeping times. However when one travels locally or internationally this can all change quite drastically!

The defining factors of maintaining your fitness conditioning abroad is your ability to plan ahead, flexibility to adapt to varying situations and adopting a creative and opportunistic frame of mind.

Plan For It!

As obvious and clichéd as it sounds, preparation is key to a successful travel fitness program. Begin by accepting that you won’t be able to eat when and what you used to eat. Also acknowledge that the majority of your hard work prior to the holiday won’t vanish in a matter of a few weeks.

Yoga for resistance training


This is really important as it allows yourself the freedom you need to navigate and enjoy your work travels or holiday to the fullest.

Carry a Protein Shake With You

With the foreknowledge of nutritional disruption, go and purchase a small high quality protein shake. Small so the weight and dimensions keep your baggage light, and high quality as you may not meet your required daily protein intake through normal meals.

Protein Shake

In addition to the protein shake, take a multi vitamin to ensure you get what you may miss out on. Remember that when you travel anywhere your body is exposed to new environments, people, foods and therefore a wide range of new microbes (bacteria, viruses etc.).

Bolster Your Immune System

Therefore bolstering your immune system and enhancing your body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins is absolutely a top priority. A probiotic supplement will maintain healthy intestinal flora (gut health) which is a major part of healthy immune function and digestion. Also an activated charcoal supplement is great for absorbing and removing toxins from the digestive tract that would otherwise cause gastrointestinal issues.



As mentioned a great many times before, keeping hydrated is a must! Make an effort to drink a lot of water, it’s a natural cleanser and optimises metabolic function.


Vitamin water

Next on the list is exercise, or more importantly where are there training facilities?

Browse the internet to locate gyms in your nearest vicinity, research what their terms, agreements and costs are in regard to obtaining a membership for the period of your visit. Sometimes these gyms offer free 1 to sometimes 3 day guest passes, so if funds are tight squeeze them for all they are worth!

Sometimes however gyms can be too far away and simply too expensive to join, this is where planning a creative approach really pays off.

Here is what you do, go online and purchase a set of industrial grade elastic exercise bands and a pair of training gloves as these bands can be quite aggressive on the hands. Another piece of training equipment that always proves to be a great investment is a skipping rope, as it provides an effective on the spot cardio option.



What’s to come?  More future articles featuring short and intense training programs with the above training equipment and useful nutritional tips!