Q&A on non-invasive surgical fat loss

Non-invasive surgical fat loss
Non-invasive surgical fat loss

In this Q&A Dr. Anushka Reddy, a general practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine answers questions about the various options available to get rid of fat through non-invasive surgery.

I’ve read about freezing fat and heating fat with treatments to help with weight loss, but what are these treatments exactly and are they safe?

The current trend in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics is toward non-invasive and minimal downtime treatments with absolute patient safety and comfort. In the past, aesthetics would mimic surgical results using dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin but only recently has the option for non-invasive fat loss become a reality.

Two separate non-invasive technologies

First off, lets be clear: non-invasive liposuction is very candidate specific. Traditional surgical liposuction will still remain the best solution for patients with significant fat to lose, whereas latest technology non-surgical options are ideally suited for patients with localized and stubborn fat deposits.

Fat Freezing

The first technology uses “fat freezing”. This technique, in a few platforms (i.e. CoolSculpting), has been FDA approved for fat loss. This provides peace of mind that results can be scientifically achieved. The process involves freeing the fat cells to destruction. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than normal tissue, so you run no real risk of additional tissue damage by prolonged cooling of the tissue.
Once frozen, the fat cells die and pass through the lymph system and out of your body, as would fat from a pizza, and you lose fat, and achieve your shapely body. The process takes approximately 1 hour to complete and it is estimated that you can loose one third of your fat within the treatment zone.

Fat heating

My preferred technology of choice is fat heating, although the technology involves a little more than that. I use VelaShape, which is also FDA approved for both fat loss (body shaping) and cellulite reduction. This platform uses three technologies to destroy fat cells:

• Infrared
• Radiofrequency
• Vacuum

The deep tissue targeted heat created by the infrared and radio frequency destroy the fat cells, while the vacuum stimulates the lymphatic system to achieve results faster.
The joy with this type of platform is that the treatment area is not restricted and allows your physician to accurately treat the exact areas of concern.


The joy behind non-surgical liposuction options is that all treatments are safe and offer very little risk to the patient. Both above-mentioned options can achieve results with single visits that can take as little as an hour, after which you simply get up, walk out and get on with life.

Dr. Anushka Reddy is a general practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine and owner of Medisculpt clinic www.medisculpt.co.za

Dr Anushka Reddy
Dr Anushka Reddy