Specialists speak out on the thigh gap diet trend

Thigh Gap Diet Trend
Thigh Gap Diet Trend

Camille Hugh, author of The Thigh Gap Hack, has adolescent teenagers obsessing about the gap between their thighs. She claims this space between your inner thighs when you stand with your feet together, makes all the difference in a woman’s femininity and appearing sexy.

Dr Mehmet Oz, vice chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University; director at the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital; winner of the prestigious Gross Surgical Research Scholarship and the host of three-time daytime Emmy Award winning show Dr Oz recently interviewed Camille Hugh on her thoughts of The Thigh Gap, how to achieve this, and what this could mean for young girls.

Dr Oz believes that the thigh gap is a dangerous diet trend that has taken the Internet by storm. He says that this weight loss goal could be physically impossible for certain women, as their bone structures mean they genetically may or may not have a larger gap between their legs than other women. Hugh claims that she is “living proof” of her theory and questions whether women should trust her or experts in regards to this topic.

Dr Jennifer Thomas, assistant professor of Psychology in the department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School; Co-Director of Eating Disorders Clinical Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Co-Author of Almost Anorexic (Harvard Health Publications) says the diet is extremely worrying. She has done numerous studies on over 150 women undergoing residential treatment for anorexia; over 90% revealed that they were obsessed with the space between their thighs.

Concern has been raised regarding the fact that Hugh has no other experts, medical or otherwise, that provide comment in her book. She also claims the intermittent fasting (not eating for 12-16 hours), as well as hunger training, are of no concern.

Hugh says she is teaching women to eat when they are hungry and not because it is the right time of day for a meal. However, Thomas says that this diet is a very dangerous obsession that has spiralled out of control due to social media, and the effects of young girls being exposed to models and aspiring to be like them. Jenni Schaefer a recovering anorexic herself, who co-authored Almost Anorexic (Harvard Health Publications) with Dr Thomas, says that she couldn’t be happier with her thighs touching and that the gap between your thighs will not make you happy.

Dr Oz explained on his show that trying to achieve this goal for some women is anatomically impossible as some of them will try to burn off muscle. He too is extremely concerned about the ramifications of this new trend.

For the full interview by Dr Oz, click here http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/americas-dangerous-new-diet-trend-achieving-thigh-gap?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=22514kr&utm_campaign=DrOzAA

By Joanne Watson, for Longevity magazine.