6 Surprising Ways in Which A Mattress Can Affect both Your Sleep As Well As Health

When your life becomes extremely dull and busy, it is obvious that getting proper sleep at night becomes almost impossible. Sleep is basically the first thing that each and every person prefers sacrificing. Are you someone who is not giving a lot of importance to your sleeping pattern? If so, then it is time that you begin to do so. Not sleeping properly can help in causing numerous health issues, which can cause severe complications in the long-term. Sleep is often associated with the mattress that you are using. Yet, numerous people do not really recognize that investing in quality mattresses is a must.

Given below is a list of the adverse effects that an inappropriate mattress can have on your health.

How Your Mattress Affects Your Health


People are known to suffer from a really high stress level, especially if old mattresses are being used continuously. New and proper mattresses can help in reducing the levels of stress. Doctors’ say that you should replace old mattresses with new ones, if they become more than 7 to 8 years old, as stated by www.orthomattress.com.


When you are using your mattress for a really long time, you need to understand that it becomes the breeding ground for numerous deadly microorganisms, which can cause skin problems as well as allergies.

These kinds of allergies can possess a serious threat to your health. This is why it is important to keep cleaning mattresses when possible. You should also consider investing in new and better mattresses, in case you keep suffering from a runny nose or sore throat.

Back pain

Numerous people love to buy plush and comfortable mattresses that are available in the market. However, these kinds of mattresses are not ideal for body posture. They are responsible for creating unusual bends in the lower back. Therefore, it is mandatory that you test the mattress before you purchase it, so that you can understand whether it is giving you an ideal spine alignment as well as neck alignment.

Perpetual fatigue 

If you are constantly feeling unhappy and exhausted, despite the fact that you have slept for almost 8 hours, you need to know that your mattress is not working out for you.

This is known as perpetual fatigue. This is why you should replace your mattress as soon as you think that you are getting enough sleep but you are still feeling tired. You can also go through a guide for side sleepers.

Wear and tear

If you discover any lumps on your mattress or your back is hurting, it is because the spring of the mattress is broken. This is the ideal time for purchasing a new mattress because a torn or bad quality mattress is responsible for causing body ache as well as poor sleep.


If you find out that whenever you are turning from one side to another, your mattress is making a creaking noise, it is because the springs are disabled, and they are not capable of providing enough support to your back and neck. This can lead to serious issues and hence you should change your mattress.


It is important that you purchase the ideal mattress for yourself so that you avoid any kind of health complications. Ensure that you consider the health issues that have been mentioned above so that taking your decision becomes easier.

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