Do You Need A Wig Or A Hair Piece?

When most people think of wigs or a hair piece, they probably think of a cap that stretches over the entire top and back of the head. But wigs and hair pieces come in several different types and cuts – all made for different purposes. You may not need or prefer to purchase a full wig.

Full Wig

Full wigs provide the most coverage and will cover the entire top of your head, or all of your natural hair. Anyone can wear a full wig, but they are usually recommended for those with substantial or total hair loss, or those who want to cover all of their natural hair to completely change their hair’s appearance. Wigs can clip to your existing hair or they can be worn with a wig cap or grip underneath to keep them securely in place. They are usually the most expensive wig option.

Three-Quarter Wigs

Three-quarter wigs are great for people who want to show their natural hairline or who want to avoid using wig glue or tape on their foreheads.Three-quarter wigs sit slightly away from the face and secure to the remaining hair with combs. They cover – as the name suggests – three-quarters of the hair or to of the head from about three or four inches away from the hairline to the nape of the neck.

Top Hair Pieces

A top hair piece – also called a topper or wiglet – is a partial wig designed to sit on top of your head and cover hair loss that is localized to one area. Many women lose hair along their part lines, while men tend to lose hair in a circle on the crown of their heads. Top pieces can clip to your remaining hair or glue or tape to your scalp, then blend with your remaining hair to give a natural appearance. Top pieces come with differently-sized bases depending on the severity of your hair loss. For light hair loss, choose one with a small base. For more extensive loss, choose a hair piece with a larger base.

Clip In Volumizers

Hair extensions and volumizers are great for women who are hair piece | Longevity Liveexperiencing all-over hair thinning or who simply want to add volume to their existing hair to make certain styles achievable.

Clip In Bangs Or Fringe

For women who are losing hair at their hairline and want to mask the receding line, clip in bangs or fringe (sometimes called a lace frontal) might be a good solution. These attach to your natural hair, usually with small alligator clips. Choosing one in the same color an texture as your existing hair will help it to blend with your hair and look more natural. Bangs or fringe are also a good option for people who don’t have hair loss but want to add more versatility to their existing hairstyle and women who cover for religious reasons and prefer to wear a scarf of hat.

You might also want to do some reading on what size you should buy if you are considering taking this route. You can do this via Consumer Affairs here.

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