Veneers For Perfect Teeth: What You Should Know

Are you considering getting your teeth into a more perfect shape? Here are some crucial elements to consider before opting for veneers.

Everything you need to know about veneers:

  • Are your teeth straight enough to allow the veneers to be minimally invasive?

If not, it is advisable to first have some form of orthodontics. With the modern clear aligners, teeth ca be moved within as little as six months, without the need for the not-so-cool metal brackets (the old-fashioned “railway tracks”). In fact, it will be difficult for even your children to notice that there is something in your mouth, as these retainers are virtually invisible. During this time, your dentist will also evaluate your occlusion (the way you bite). For occlusional discrepancies, more comprehensive orthodontics – for example, the self-lighting braces – is recommended.

  • The shade of the veneers is important.

If you want your smile to be natural, it is advisable to opt for a color that matches the white (sclera) of your eye. A bleach shade can look very nice, as long as the veneers will still allow for some tranclucency. This will have a more tooth-like, plastic look. The way the veneer is bonded to the tooth also plays a major role, especially when we want to block out blue or grey discolorations.

  • For the most harmonious outcome, opt for at least eight veneers on the upper smile, if you can afford it.

This enables your aesthetic dentist to improve on the smile arc by allowing more workable space. Most clients have the bottom teeth whitened to match the color of the upper smile makeover.

  • Less is more.

Nowadays, veneers can successfully be bonded to enamel, which is the outer layer of the teeth. There is no need to reduce the teeth to little toothpicks anymore. The preparation of the teeth need to be as minimally invasive as possible, to ensure the long-term vitality of your teeth. Click here to find out more about how you should care for veneers if you do need to have them.

  • Whiten your teeth first.

You will be surprised what this can do to the appearance of your smile. Even if your teeth are worn and in the need of veneers, it is beneficial to upgrade the whiteness before having veneers done, as this will improve the overall result.

  • The shape of the teeth should be in line with the shape of your face.

Respect the natural harmony of the smile and allow it to complement the rest of the face in a holistic fashion.

  • Make sure the quality of the veneers meets world-class standards.

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