Essential Travel Tips For A Better Airport Experience

How many times do you travel by air either for business or vacations? Even if you happen to be an occasional traveler who travels once in a ‘blue moon’, it’s important to consider these travel tips from a safe boarding to a smooth take off and a great landing experience.

Airport travel tip 1: TSA checks

The first tip is to have a warm attitude towards the TSA agents as a warm smile towards the TSA agents can be an asset to you. TSA agents can make or mar your trip. They deal with lots of grumpy passengers all day long so don’t be one of them. In doing so, you’ll likely avoid a full body search or cavity search. Save yourself the airport embarrassment.

As tempting as it might be during the summer, do yourself a favor and put on a pair of socks when going through the TSA check. Thousands of other barefooted passengers have been there before you. By putting on a pair of socks you’ll avoid getting contaminated. You can also get the TSA Pre-check, which is a life saver, or Global Entry if you are visiting the United States. You can save yourself the hurdle of long TSA queues at the airport.

Airport travel tip 2: Bathroom etiquette

Speaking of germs, do not ever enter the restrooms on the airplane with your bare feet, or socks. Always make sure you have your shoes on whenever you are going to the airport rest rooms. If you observe, restrooms (also known as toilets) on air planes, they tend to be damp and sticky.  If you go in there with  just your pair of socks on, you are using your sock to mop sick from the floor.

After ‘taking care of business’, remember to wash your hands. For health reasons, it’s better that you open the door with a paper towel. You are not the only person opening and touching the door handles.

Airport travel tip 3: Preparing for take-off

It’s important to always get to the airport extra prepared. Flights can be delayed and you won’t know when or if your flight will be delayed. It’s best to make extra arrangements when leaving for the airport so that you are not caught off guard in case of a flight delay. If you are on medication, be sure to have some extra medication on your prescription.  if you happen to spend an extra night or two as a result of delayed flights. This will help you avoid a medical emergency while on your trip.

If you happen to be on a long-distance journey, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated as the inside of an airplane is dry with relatively low humidity.  Sipping water from time to time would help keep you hydrated, also applying some moisturizer can occasionally help.luggage | Longevity LIVE

It’s also important to keep your boarding pass in a safe place after each trip. It can come in handy to prove your frequent travels if your airline does not properly credit your flier miles.

Airport travel tip 5: Luggage and carriers

It’s also advisable to bring a sweater along the trip. If you feel cold during the flight, it’s best to put on your sweater rather than turning off the vent. Leaving the vent on is likely to blow off germs such as colds, flu and bugs which are likely skulking around the cabin.

Traveling with others?

If you happen to be flying with your pet, it’s best if you place a familiar item in their crate with them. This would help comfort and keep them calm as air plane’ engines can be noisy. Having a familiar item helps them to easily adjust to the turbulence in the air.

If you happen to be on a one a day direct international flight, it’s very important to arrive at the airport hours ahead of your departure time. This will save you from missing your flights in case it happens that there is a traffic delay as your flight is not going to wait for the traffic to settle down before taking off.

If you are going for an international trip, using the national carrier of the country you are visiting has more advantages to other carriers. If you need the best suggestions in terms of hotels, restaurants, parks and even areas you should not visit, the flight attendants and your seat mates are your best options. It’s always important to get the actual name of the airport you are going to if you are visiting a new city. Some cities have more than one airport and it’s important to get to the right airport on time to avoid missing your flight.

Airport travel tip 6: Parking

It’s important to note that airport parking lots can be huge with lots of decks and lots of cars. Most times, it becomes difficult for travelers to locate their cars, or even secure a parking spot.  I suggest using a service that makes pre-parking easier. is a once such platform for travelers to choose from. If you happen to be traveling through Kennedy airport for example, you need friendly parking rates, then a service like Parkos will have you covered. They also help  travelers who want to park near JFK to secure a good parking space. It does not matter if its long term  or short term parking, Parkos would help get you the best JFK airport parking rate.  This means you do not have to rely on public transport because you are scared of not being able to park at JFK.

woman looking at airplanes at airport

Getting affordable parking really helps. In 2017 alone, John F. Kennedy International Airport recorded over 30.000.000 passengers. The Kennedy airport is considered one of the most important airports in the United States. It figures that parking at JFK can be quite stressful due to the huge traffic. Also, parking rates tend to be affected by this heavy traffic. So plan ahead and you will stress less.

It’s always important to tag your bags and, if possible, have a picture of the bag and possibly its contents. This can help easily identify your bag if it’s lost at the airport. There are always lots of travelers hence most bags tend to look the same. It is important to differentiate your bags and make it look unique for easy identification.

Airport travel tip 7: The flight

Wear dark colored outfits while traveling, as sudden turbulence in the air can lead to spillage of various items to travelers. There have been incidents of coffee spillage, water spillage and the rest during turbulence or during landing. Such incidents can ruin your beautiful light colored clothes.

If you happen to be traveling with a partner, it’s best for both of you to both sit in opposing aisle seats. This helps to avoid being disturbed or cramped in the middle seat.

Booking early morning flights most times helps avoid weather delays. Also, always inform whoever is sitting behind you before you recline back on your seat mid-air.

Safe flights and enjoy your travels.