3 steps to more mindful eating




In a  review, published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, experts highlighted three different ways to consume food in a healthier way. The results showed that eating slower is linked with statistically significant weight loss.

Experts shared the following ways to achieve more mindful eating::

1. Take a Seat

Many people eat on the go, meaning they stand while they grab a meal. Whether it’s at your desk, walking down the street or standing around your kitchen counter, “The Biggest Loser” nutritionist and HuffPost blogger, Cheryl Forberg, says this is a clear sign that you are rushing through a meal to get to something or somewhere else. To stop speed eating, sit down at a table.

2. Unitask

According to Forberg, many of us sit in front of the TV, mindlessly shoveling food into our mouths. But as we already know, we’re no good in multitasking, so we need to stop reading the paper or watching reruns while we eat. Focusing on what you’re putting into your mouth can help you slow down and really pay attention to the task at hand. “Enjoy it, savor it and your mindfulness will replace inhaling your meal with a relaxed pace, more enjoyment and better digestion,” Forberg said.

3. Switch Things Up

Nutritionist Rochelle Sirota, recommends adopting some different techniques to help distracted diners slow down and focus. She suggests eating with the non dominant hand, using chopsticks or even setting down the utensil between bites. Eating in an unusual way can help bring back the focus and break quick eating habits.

Written by: Siyanda Nkala