5 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is not just a saying it’s a fact. Research shows that good quality sleep is important for brain function, stress tolerance, weight balance and anti-aging, plus it’s a great cost-effective health technique.

Simple ways to improve the quality of your beauty sleep

1. Sleep Apps

beauty sleep | Longevity LiveTechnology has some fabulous tricks up its sleeves, like the Sleep genius app that guides you to sleep, monitors you while you rest and gently wakes you in the morning.
It even has a power nap function.

2. Reducing alcohol at night

You may be able to fall asleep after drinking, but you won’t get the deep rest that you need.

3. Cut the stimulation

Turn off the tech at least an hour (preferably 2 hours) before sleep. Artificial lights in the house and from your screens disrupt your body clock by robbing you of melatonin – preventing proper rest. The program lux can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or phone to reduce the stimulating blue light after sunset.

4. Reduce caffeine

No matter what time you drink caffeine (especially before eating in the morning), it will impair your beauty sleep that night. Over time, the caffeine cycle leads to greater fatigue and loss of cortisol reserves.

beauty sleep | Longevity Live5. Regular Exercise and Stretching

For many of us our day includes long periods of sitting and limited motion.

Starting the day with some stimulating dynamic movement, and finishing by stretching the day out of your body before bed, can help you achieve regenerative beauty sleep.

Whether you spend quality time with your loved ones, read a good book, meditate or listen to relaxing music, a winding down routine is essential for deep peaceful sleep.

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