7 Steps To Grow A Mindset Focused On Fitness

Everything begins within the mind. The chair you sit upon was someone’s idea. The room you are presently in was an architect’s idea, and the body you articulate is a manifestation of neural impulses. Thoughts are powerful and rich in creative power – especially when it comes to fitness.

In this article, personal trainer Tyrone Wessels will discuss how to cultivate a healthy mindset with regards to your fitness endeavors.

fitness | Longevity LiveHow to cultivate a healthy mindset for fitness

1. Become a student again – No I don’t mean enroll for a college course, but rather become open to learning. It’s so very important to create a hunger for knowing more and be willingly to enjoy new information.

2. Learning curve pains – As you embark on your journey of learning more, understand that there will undoubtedly be uncomfortable concepts to learn, as well as apply. This is natural and part of the process of discovering where you are, where you want to go and what you will need to learn to get there.

3. Mental toughness – Learning new things about your body is purely academic and the easy part, the tough part is applying that knowledge to your unique situation successfully. It will take a great deal of trial and error, therefore mental toughness will aid you in remaining determined and consistent.

4. Log your journey – Discipline yourself by logging your mood, energy levels, weight, food and take progress pics. These serve as your historical records that provide critical information about your direction and proximity to your goals. (Read: Finding your fitness direction)

5. Find a mentor – This is the information age, one of the most important things I have learnt on my fitness journey is following successful practitioners on social media. Watch the way they execute their days, hear their thoughts and approach to fitness and distill their pearls of wisdom to your cause.

6. Validate information – As any successful scholar will tell you, validate your information sources, it is sloppy to take anything at face value in the information age. Always seek to find peer-reviewed papers, research papers on the topic under study to clarify your knowledge. Even then, take everything your learn with a pinch of salt, even well-researched studies can be wrong, or will be updated with fresh findings.

7. Listen to your body – Most information is extrapolated to the general population, and it has its merits. However much of the time this information can only give you a brief glance of your situation, it is up to you to tune in and be sensitive to its signals.

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