9 Health Tips You Need to Follow This Summer

When the days start getting warmer and lasting longer, you know summer is right around the corner. 

1. Drink some water… and then drink more

summer | longevity liveDid you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated? And in hot and humid conditions, you can dehydrate in less than 30 minutes. So if you know its going to be a hot day, remember to always keep a water bottle handy.

Who really needs to be careful:

  • Young children

  • Pregnant women

  • People with health conditions or lifestyle diseases

2. African skin is not out of the woods here

summer | longevity live Though it may seem more likely that you’d get skin cancer if you have fairer skin, it is a complete myth. Dark skin may have more sun-protective melanin than lighter skin, but it does not mean you are completely risk-free.

Black skin has a natural SPF of 15, and on a daily basis, each one of us needs to have an SPF protection of 50+, so it definitely does not suffice.

A good quality sunscreen that has both a high UVA and UVB protection is essential fro every day use. Regardless of whether you have direct exposure to sunlight or not, even driving your car gives you ultraviolet exposure.

3. A tanning bed is not the way to start of summer

summer | longevity live If you haven’t heard that tanning beds are bad for you… here it is. Tanning beds are bad for you!

What are the facts? If you start using a tanning bed before the age of 25, your chances of getting melanoma increase by 75%.

These beds have the exact same dangerous UVA and UVB rays that the sun has and we need all the protection we can get.

4. Hats and sunglasses are a lot more than just your style preference

summer | longevity live I know they need to look good, don’t get me wrong. But try and look for options that can cover both the style aspect and be protective.

Hats: Stay clear of caps, they don’t provide much protection at all. Always go for a hat that has a brim of 8cm so your eyes, ears and neck are protected.

Sunglasses: Make sure to ask your optometrist for lenses that block 99% of ultraviolet rays. A good pair of shades will slow down your eye ageing quite drastically, including your chances of cataracts and wrinkles.

5. Get the shots glasses out… and fill them with sunscreen

summer | longevity live So there is always the question of how much sunscreen should you actually put on and how often?

There is a teaspoon rule, in which you can divide how much sunscreen each part of your body needs accordingly. But if you add it up, it comes to about a shot glass for your whole body!

As for how often? You should reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours. If you swim, a good, water-resistant product will last for 40 minutes in the water before you have to get back to your shot glass.

Regardless of who you are and where you are from, sunscreen is always essential. In fact, statistics are now showing that you may be more prone to skin cancer if you live in a first world country. Follow this link to read more. 

6. Get your pedicure done right and protect your feet

summer | longevity live So we all want the perfect toes, ready for sandal season, and there are a couple of DO’s and DON’T’s you need to remember:

DON’T get your corns and calluses razored off by the beautician as you run a risk of infection.
DO treat yourself to regular foot baths at home, finished off with an exfoliator and foot file.

DON’T go barefoot too much. Your corns and calluses will always come back faster.
DO splurge a little more on your shoes. A well-designed pair of shoes can protect your feet from developing more serious health issues.

7. Don’t forget your hair needs protection too

summer |longevity live Unfortunately, it’s not just our skin that needs sun protection, it’s our hair as well. And that’s not the only issue, if you find yourself lounging by the pool a lot, the chlorine will only add to the damage.

So, if you do plan on swimming a lot, try and use an anti-chlorine shampoo to help your locks along. Finally, minimise the harmful sun damage by staying clear of straightening, blow drying or styling your hair too much if it involves a lot of heat.

8. That healthy glow you want? Yeah, starts from the inside!

Do not think that the beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed glow you look forward to comes from just the Vitamin D. Healthy looking skin really does start with what you eat.

Here are some ingredients to add to your fridge this summer:

  1. summer | longevity live Watermelon
    Not only is this awesome summer snack packed with hydrating water, but it is also boosted loads of Vitamin C which helps with keeping your collagen healthy and essential antioxidants to mop up all the free radicals and prevent your chances of melanoma.
  2. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes are packed with collagen-boosting lycopene, helping your skin keep healthy and youthful.

    TIP: A fresh tomato salad packed with aromatic basil, olive oil and black pepper is a quintessential summer side dish, and for good reason too!

  3. Salmon
    That gorgeous supple and hydrated look your skin has greatly depends on how much Essential Fatty Acid Omega 3 you can get through your diet. Unfortunately you cannot produce Omega 3 on your own, and food sources like fish are vital for your skin, hair, heart, eye and brain health. The list is endless.

9. Give your skin a bit of extra help

summer | longevity live A change of season always influences changes in your own body. And our biggest organ, skin, takes a toll.

You will always have an increase of dead skin cells in summer due to the sun exposure. Exfoliating regularly whilst you shower is a great way to give your skin a boost, keeping it soft and hydrated. You do not need to invest great quantities of money in order to exfoliate, here are some great DIY scrubs you can make:

  1. Sugar and olive oil

  2. Lemon and core salt

  3. Plain yoghurt, milk and oats