5 Things I Want To Change About My Health In 2018

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. Even those of us who work for highly health-conscious magazines have areas in our health that need work. In this article, I will be identifying the most important ones I want to repair in 2018, why I consider it necessary, and how I will go about to achieve the change.

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Here we go!

1. Show more love to my teeth

I will be the first to admit it. My brush-time is too brief and my flossing too irregular- at least to my dentist’s standards. As a result, my teeth start to suffer. I have come to realize that this is the only set of teeth I will ever have and the last thing I want is to end up with dental health problems when I am older.

How will I achieve it?

By planning my mornings and evenings properly, I will be able to allocate more time to take care of my teeth. In order to properly brush your teeth, experts say that you need to take a full two minutes and use a soft brush. In addition, research shows that flossing should definitely be a daily habit, because brushing only reaches about 60% of your teeth. Choose a floss like the Aquaflosser as it’s efficient, reaches areas which regular floss cannot and saves time. In addition, I will regularly make dental appointments a priority; so that I can know first-hand whether my efforts are making a difference.

2. Move morehealth | longevity live

A sedentary lifestyle just isn’t going to cut it. As a full-time writer, a large part of my day has me sitting down, and the body-parts that move the most are my fingers. This makes it important for me to allocate time to stand up, stretch, move my joints, breathe deeply and rest my eyes. I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle but a new environment and longer hours requires more self-discipline. Thus I need to make time to be active- to get my blood flowing and my muscles working which will include breathing fresh air and using my daily kilojoules for a good purpose. To discover more reasons to kick a sedentary lifestyle, click here.

How will I achieve it?

By planning my work day properly, I will be able to schedule time for quick walks around lunchtime and get some fresh air. In addition, I will ensure that I get up to regularly refill my water bottle, rest my eyes and get out of the sitting position. With regards to being active, I am luckily already part of a gym and thankful to live in an area where I can easily go jogging. All I really need is some good old self-discipline and a fitness buddy with whom I can share the journey. On to firmer, stronger things then!

3. Slow down on the sugarsugar addiction | Longevity LIVE

The list of reasons why sugar is really, really not your friend is longer than the River Nile. The areas of your body that suffer under these little white kernels – who have managed to sneak their way into almost every part of our diet – is almost as long. According to Dr Josh Axe, a certified doctor and clinical nutritionist from the States- sugars affect your skin, heart, teeth, intestines, liver and others. In addition, sugar has been proven to be a leading cause of diabetes, a number of different cancers, leaky gut and other metabolic diseases. Click here to discover what you need to know about doing a proper sugar detox and how this can improve different areas of your health.

How will I achieve it?

By looking for ways to substitute sugar and making sure I am aware of what I put in my body, I will make a change to my lifestyle that will have a real impact on my health. If cravings develop, it is important to recognize them for what they are: signals that my body needs proper nutrients, not an ingredient that will only sap my energy and leave me tapped. I can also make my own energy balls for when the sweet tooth really won’t leave me alone.

4. Cook more at-home mealshealthy eating & colourful food

Not only this is more economical than ordering take-out or eating out all the time, but by preparing my own meals I can be sure exactly what ends up on my plate. This will help to limit the harmful preservatives and excess salt and sugar I ingest, and will allow me to stick to fresh foods.

How will I achieve it?

Planning is key. I am also in the process of compiling my very own, home-made recipe book, where I can store the recipes to all of my favorite dishes. This way I can cook different meals each week and switch them up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

green plant

5. Grow more plants in the office

There are numerous health and other benefits to having green life in the office, including reduction of dust, better oxygen for those who work in the space, and improving productivity.

How will I achieve it?

By choosing plants that are known to improve the quality of air, don’t take up too much space and are aesthetically pleasing. In doing so, I will be able to improve the overall feeling of our office and hopefully even increase the productivity of our team.

Here is to a happier, healthier and better quality 2018!