How This Woman Achieved a Balanced Lifestyle Through Yoga

You may be someone who enjoys doing Yoga after hours. But could you change your high-paced lifestyle to embrace it entirely for the sake of your health? 

There is very little that yoga cannot do to help you achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Not only does it improve your physical health, but your state of mind as well. Yoga is known to boost your immunity, regulate your adrenal glands, promote a healthy nervous system and so much more.

Meet Bethany…

By the age of 21, Bethany Henderson was qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at a global accounting firm in Florida, USA. Although she enjoyed the high-paced lifestyle that it provided her at first, she soon understood that the key to an ultimate healthy and happy lifestyle was to achieve balance.

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Career Woman in Pursuit  

Before pursuing her degree, Bethany actually started out as a professional wakeskater. However, getting a higher education was always a priority in her family, and whether it was in sports or education, her drive and ambition helped her to excel.

“I like challenges, I love to give my all to something to create or accomplish maybe the unexpected. Which is why I enjoyed the high-paced career,” she says. 


Soon enough, Bethany became a senior analyst at the company and developed herself immensely in the position for three years. However, the long hours and busy schedule, often made it difficult for her to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“It was demanding office job,” she shares, “Working in client services means you are constantly running on a deadline. As I had such long office hours, and quite a few clients that were located out of town, I would spend a lot of time commuting in the car, and ordering in my lunches and dinners.”

Finding Peace in a Hum-Drum Lifestyle

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Photo courtesy of Instagram | “Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action, be it through inspired thought, properly nurturing our children, a painting, a kindness or an act of peace that forever moves humanity forward. ” ~ Micheline Berry

Bethany’s love of yoga truly began whilst she was at university. She went to weekly classes at a gym and then finally found a yoga studio a where her passion for the practice really developed.

“Yoga for me is about self awareness and exploration. It is about taking time for myself to check in, to breathe, to move. Which we rarely do in our busy lives.”

When she started working, yoga continued to be a large part of her life, because of how much it helped her. Not not only from a physical well-being point of view, but also in learning to be mindful.

“It became the escape I needed from my busy career in order to help balance my mind and get my body moving after sitting so much during the day,” she says. “No matter how late I got home after work, I would always really try to practice yoga.”

Making the Ultimate Shift and Embracing Yoga

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In order to fully achieve a balanced lifestyle, Bethany decided to make a life-altering decision. Three years ago, she moved to Sweden with her fiancée and decided to leave the corporate world in order to open her own yoga studio   – Yoga Roots Malmö. As she wanted to use yoga to make a difference in other peoples lives, as it has done for her.

 “I really was motivated to share my experiences with the corporate world. It is very hard to work countless hours during the week and I became so depleted because of it. I wanted to share the tools I learned with yoga to help others who are in the same situation as I was,” she says.


Though running her own studio in Sweden is proving to be her a dream job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that her schedule is no longer busy. 

“I am not saying that I don’t work just as hard as I used to, but now I have the freedom to listen to my body and decide when and how I should work.”

“Being passionate about what I do, makes all the difference when I wake up in the morning,” she concludes.

Bethany’s Top Two Yoga Practices

1. Vinyasa yoga

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COMMENT: Vinyasa yoga is very special as it focuses coordinating the flow of your movements with your breath. In result your movements can become almost dance-like. In my classes specifically I tell my students to not worry as much about how the postures look, but rather focus on the breath and the feeling in each movement

TOP TIP: If your stress is heightened from having a desk job, or spending hours in the car commuting, then you could really benefit from a more active Vinyasa style practice in order to get yourself moving and breathing.


2. Yin yoga

COMMENT: This is an opposite style of yoga to Vinyasa. In a yin class, you hold your postures for about 3-5 minutes. Which is a lot longer than you usually would. The focus is on becoming still in the body and in the mind to let go and release. 

TOP TIP: If your daily lifestyle is very fast paced and you find yourself running around all the time. Then a yin style practice is a wonderful way to find balance and slow down.


For more inspiration, you can follow Bethany on Instagram @bethany_yoga and see what exciting things she plans on doing in 2017.

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    This was a great article about the importance of maintaining balance in your lifestyle. Congrats to Bethany for reaching out and doing that. I also really like the types of yoga for different lifestyles at the end. Pretty cool.