Strains & Pains: How To Deal With Them

Let’s face it: As with everything in life there are risks with exercise. You will sustain an injury at some point. These strains and pains can range from mild annoyances to complete temporary debilitation.

In this article we will address ways on managing lesser pains and strains. For injuries of a more serious nature always consult a physical therapist and the appropriate doctor.

However, you don’t need to be doctor or physical therapist to overcome local minor pains. Common sense, a free hand and TLC is sometimes all you require. Here’s how:


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Can you physically reach the painful area? If yes, start gently massaging it. If no, ask someone to aid you, and if no one is around use your environment (ie using a wall to massage your back). You can of course also book yourself a massage with a professional.

Massaging stimulates an increase in blood flow to the area and in some cases releases the fascia which is essential to the healing process. Remember blood delivers nutrients and removes toxins.

Contact time

Minor strains have a knack for being painful pesky reminders, which is actually very useful. Use your body’s signal of discomfort to remind you that your work is not done, use every opportunity to tend to the area.


Some pains respond better to heat treatment (stimulates circulation) and some better to cold (reduces inflammation), be sure to try both to find what works.


Sometimes the very best thing to do is simply not use the strained area for a time. Often this is hard as no part of your being can take a day off, but make space for that body part to be idly repairing.

Topical treatment

There is an abundance of balms, oils, creams, sprays, pads and gels that bring minor relief to lesser pains. Local products vary, and there is always questionable efficacy surrounding their ingredients.

Even if the products potentially do very little, they often smell nice and lubricate the area allowing for prolonged massaging which actually is most important.

My List

Here are some products I have found useful: – active ingredients

  • JĀSÖN (Cooling minerals and tea tree) – Methyl Salicylate
  • Iceman (Used on horses too) – Arnica and Echinacea
  • Deep Heat – Methyl Salicylate and Menthol
  • Bio Soothe – Menthol and MSM
  • Arnica – Arnica plant extract
  • Trans-act pads – Flurbiprofen

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