How To Modify Your Habits For A Healthier Holiday

Throughout the year, you invested in a lot of effort, time and energy in your health – now isn’t the time to let all that go to waste. The overall vacation atmosphere tends to relax people, and they become more likely to give themselves free passes to just be lazy and indulge in their guilty pleasures. Instead of throwing all the work away, understand that it is possible to enjoy a holiday and the great local food that comes with it, without having to worry about putting on extra weight. By being aware of what your destination has to offer for food, exercise of anything else that may be of importance to your wellness, you can stay focused on your health commitments and get the most from this festive season!

Eating out tends to be a regular occurrence on holiday, so it is important to choose carb clever options. Fortunately, the majority of restaurants and chain shops offer these, such as Cal’Cacchio and Doppio Zero. Gert Coetzee, a pharmacist and diet pioneer who founded The Diet Everyone Talks About believes that it is not that difficult to stay healthy while on holiday. He shared some tips on how to modify your holiday to be healthier than last year.

Fish & chips

This is one of the best options for a quick, tasty and healthy light lunch while on the beach. Stay healthy by asking to remove the batter, and ask for sweet potato fries. If this is not available, have a half portion of the regular fries.


While these are a holiday favorite, burgers can be filled with carbs. Lower the carb content of this meal by swapping the bun with one of the following options:

  • Mushrooms. They make great sliders while being manageable for the children.
  • Sweet potato buns. Slice sweet potatoes with the skin on and grill or bake them.
  • Tomato buns. Slice tomatoes in half and scoop out the seeds – these will make a healthy bun for your burger.
  • Flatbread. This option also works well for sandwiches!
  • Lettuce. This option becomes more like a wrap and is filling without being carb-heavy.

Snacks for the beach or road trip

Dry snacks are probably the best thing to take along on a road trip or visit to the beach. What to pack in your basket: nuts, dried fruits, jerky, vegetable sticks, sunflower seeds and wholegrain biscuits. Click here to find out which nutrients work best in conjunction.


An all-round holiday favorite and an easy way to keep carbs out of your meal. Pair with salads and you have a winner!


To stay healthy in this department, remember moderation is key. A glass or two of wine is fine, but remember to drink your water and try to stay away from cocktails – these are mostly empty sugary drinks with no nutritional benefit. Another refreshing option is a rock shandy.

Exerciseholiday | Longevity Live

You may be feeling like doing nothing and relaxing with a book or in front of the TV, but think about it this way: all year long you’ve said you haven’t got any time to take a good long hike or engage in proper exercise. Guess what – now you do. Here are some additional ways to keep your body active while enjoying your vacation:

  • Instead of using public transport or an uber – take a walk. It is a great way to get to know the area in which you are vacationing, and meet some awesome local people.
  • Have a game of volleyball or soccer with the children on the beach
  • Take your yoga mat along when you go to the beach and have a quick yoga session
  • Park your car four blocks away from the beach instead of the public car park for those few extra steps.

Click here to find out more ways to sneak exercise into your holiday.

By sticking to these tips, you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday whilst staying healthy all the way into 2018!