Journey With Yoga, Is A Journey For Life

The yoga journey begins when the foetus starts growing in the womb and continues throughout life. From yoga during pregnancy to special yoga moves with new-born babies and children. The possibilities of health and well-being that yoga creates are endless.

Your Yoga Journey Through Pregnancy

Sweaty, noisy gyms may not necessarily appeal to pregnant women. Especially those who are experiencing side effects such as morning sickness or bloating. Yoga provides an alternative form of exercise that has numerous benefits for the body and the mind. Here’s how to start your journey. Yoga instructor, Sarah Hedding, who specialises in children’s yoga, believes that it is important to focus on two things. Firstly, pregnant women should work on their strength to hold the extra weight of a growing tummy and secondly, a lot of focus should be placed on making the body comfortable.

Variations to the warrior poses can be used to make the body stronger. This pose focuses on numerous areas of the body such as the chest, shoulders, legs and arms. Hedding also suggests that pregnant women try lunges, which can stretch the hamstrings, quadriceps, and groin muscles as well as strengthen the knees.

She added, “Making the body comfortable is also an important part of the yoga process. After performing your yoga routine, raise your legs with a pillow and listen to some relaxing music.

It is important to note that every woman experiences pregnancy in her own unique way. Each woman should only do moves that feel right to her body. As the tummy grows during the second and third trimester, certain moves may become too uncomfortable to do.

Bond With Your Baby Through Yoga

Mothers love bonding with their new-born babies and yoga presents an opportunity for the newly formed mother-baby duo to perform fun physical activities together. The mother’s body will also become more flexible and comfortable after giving birth and yoga is a brilliant way to get back into shape post-partum.

Although the little bundle of joy cannot perform complex yoga moves, there are yoga poses that can include a baby such as a downward dog kiss. The mother can get into the downward dog position, stretching the core and legs with the baby lying beneath. The mother can give her baby little kisses as she stretches. This is a playful and interactive way to exercise.

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The baby can also be used as a mini-weight during squats, which are a brilliant way to strengthen the leg muscles.

Hedding begins teaching children as young as three years old and if the child observes his or her parents performing yoga regularly, he or she will be more likely to grasp the yoga poses.

Children’s Yoga: Their Key To Happiness

Hedding believes that the benefits of doing yoga with children are countless.

Her mission as a children’s yoga instructor is to offer children practices that enable them to become happy, healthy and thriving human beings in the challenging world around them.

In her experience, children’s yoga improves their overall health and immunity, it refines posture and breath, boosts strength and flexibility, increases balance, body awareness and co-ordination and advances sporting abilities. These benefits also include an increase in focus and concentration which helps the child perform better in the classroom.

The meditation and breathing exercises that are done during yoga classes help children develop a sense of calm and emotional maturity. The instructors teach many yoga moves which mimic various shapes and animals. These moves then teach children mathematics and lessons on the natural world around them.

Many children are frustrated in the classroom as a result of challenges such as bullying. The volcano pose can be used by children to release tension. This pose is done by stretching the whole body upwards, thus releasing tension and stress. The practice of yoga also encourages healthy communication in the classroom.

Therefore, the yoga journey is one that begins before a soul has even walked this earth. It’s a continuous path of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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