How Brie Larson Got Super-Fit For Captain Marvel

The latest addition to the superhero world, Brie Larson shows off her action skills in the new film Captain Marvel, which is set to hit movie screens early next month.

While she admitted to E! News that she was never a fan of working out, the Oscar-winning actress took her superhero role very seriously. A glimpse of her Instagram feed and you’ll notice just how seriously she started taking her fitness regime.

While you’re likely not going to be shooting a superhero film anytime soon, a lot of Larson’s Instagram workouts mentioned below can be both fun and effective. And…just because you’re not a superhero, doesn’t mean you can’t be just as super-strong.

Brie Larson Superhero Workouts

Barbell Hip Thrusts

If hip thrusts weren’t enough of a challenge, Larson went even further by adding 275 pound weights.


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275lbs —> @whatsgabycookin 🍪

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Normal hip thrusts focus on your glutes and this not only strengthens them but it also helps to reduce back pain by strengthening your lower back. The addition of weights only intensifies this and it also helps to improve your posture, while strengthening your knees and pelvis.


Lunges is a favorite exercise for most people and Larson adjusted this form of exercise by adding hheavyweightsover her head.


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So why are lunges so popular? Well, they improve balance, flexibility, core strength and, like hip thrusts, they also activate your glutes. Moreover, unlike some exercises, lunges do not put any strain on your spine and by doing them, you’ll be able to rest your spine.

Medicine balls

When it comes to exercising equipment, Brie Larson looks to medicine balls to help elevate her fitness levels.


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“I will turn human anatomy into roses and stars and sea. I will dissect the beloveds body in metaphor.” #SiriHustvedt

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Medicine balls are not only versatile, but they can also help you build strength. By building explosive strength and power, medicine balls can help to enhance your sport’s performance. Moreover, medicine balls are a great way to strengthen your core. By doing so, you’ll be improving your balance and, by tossing the medicine ball around, improving your hand-eye coordination skills.

Rock climbing

A unique way to stay fit and reduce your stress levels, Brie Larson used her Instagram to show off her rock climbing skills.


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My self tape for the role of Spider-Man? Narration by @risemovement

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Aside from helping you conquer your fear of heights, rock climbing is also a great full-body workout. In fact, rock climbing uses all the different muscle groups and this includes your abs, calves, obliques and biceps. 

Tire slams

An exercise most commonly associated with body builders and boxers, Larson showed off her arm strength as she swung a sledgehammer.


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16lbs 🔨 cc: @chrishemsworth

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As swinging a sledgehammer requires so much strength, it should come as no surprise to know that in doing so, you’ll be increasing strength in both your arms and hands. Moreover, tire slams can also help to strengthen your core and increase your mental toughness. A strong core is essential for better posture and balance.

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