Exercise Clothes Actually Make Working Out Much Easier

Exercise clothes are everywhere, from online to your closest shopping mall. Are they overrated? That’s debatable. It’s a given that as soon as you walk into a new and trendy gym, you’ll find so many people in their neon or floral print yoga pants, tight futuristic tank tops, and specialized shoes. Whether you’re a heavy lifter, cross-fitter, yogi or runner. There’s an outfit for everybody.

I clearly remember when gyming was purely about the sweat and much less on what you really looked like. You could waltz into the gym and easily pull off a pair of shorts, a tank top, and some plain sneakers. Obviously, things have changed and we’ve clearly come a long way from just ‘throwing on’ a pair of track pants.

But, is there even a reason for this? Do we need to spend hard earned money on these supposedly improved and trendy workout clothes? Or are you giving in to another overpriced fitness fad?

I believe that there are certain brands that are totally overpriced and perhaps a little indulgent. If you’re into to that kind of thing, then by all means soil yourself! However, any modern-day gym clothes you purchase should help to make your workout more effective. Your apparel should absorb sweat, add support, and provide tons of comfort.

Exercise Clothes Might Make Exercising Easierexercise clothes [longevity live]

There are so many unique designs and fresh new activewear brands appearing on the scene recently. Most of them making us look like we’re from the year 2050. Some have even got the technology to help our butts look bigger and firmer, or our legs seem curvier and our bodies more contoured. It’s madness!

However, modern-day fitness apparel does provide a variety of benefits, other than aesthetics, that’ll maximize your workout experience. Here are some specific material options to look out for and the benefits of wearing them during your workout.


Whether you’re doing squats, punching a boxing bag, or squeezing in a high-intensity session, the last thing you want to worry about is your uncomfortable workout clothes. You don’t want to be tugging and pulling your clothes the whole time because they don’t hug your body properly. New fitness apparel is designed to allow for full range of motion and flexibility without slipping down, pulling, or bunching up. When you’re exercising, you are already doing something that is pushing your body to the point of fatigue. So, the first thing you want is comfortable exercise clothes that allow you to focus on the most important thing: your workout.


If you’re an athlete, or somebody like myself, who enjoys high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and sports drills. You’ll have probably realized that having the right exercise clothes which provide support is crucial to saving you from discomfort while keeping everything in place.exercise clothes [longevity live]

If you’re just lifting some weights for the day, then perhaps extreme support is not really a concern of yours. But for joggers, bicyclists, mixed martial artists, HIIT freaks and jump rope enthusiasts, support is a necessity. You won’t find that level of support with a plain t-shirt, standard bra, and loose shorts. Therefore, purchasing the right supportive workout clothes can help enormously.

Blood Circulation

Who tends to get cold toes or feet when they’re heading to the gym? And I mean this literally. I know I get this often and a lot of the time, it’s due to poor blood circulation. So, back to the support topic, you can find modern workout clothes that improve blood circulation. This may not be something on the mind of your average gym goer, however, for those who are serious about recovery and results, compression-based workout clothes are a must-have. According to experts, compression clothing might improve performance and aid in recovery. For example, compression socks, are great for the older fitness population with low blood pressure.


Believe it or not, matching the correct gym apparel to a specific form of exercise could offer a lot of protection. You can try wearing deadlifting shoes which may protect you from injury while boosting performance. This is why most fitness apparel in stores or online has been sorted into the recommended sports category.


Do any of you remember the high shorts and high socks of the 80s? Well, we’ve made a lot of progress since then and today’so workout clothes are stylish and fashionable while providing comfort. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like a sexy, stylish and futuristic fitness enthusiast on a daily basis? New activewear clothes look and feel great, helping you to do the same.

Choosing The Correct Material

Like I said earlier, your focus should always be on comfort, support and what feels best. The most important factor the material of your exercise clothes. Here are the four top materials you must look for when you’re buying exercise clothes.

exercise clothes [longevity live]

  • Polyester

This is a synthetic plastic-like material and is what makes up most workout clothes. This is because it is one of the best for withstanding your toughest workouts. Polyester is relatively flexible and it pushes out sweat so it can evaporate faster, leaving you dry. Lastly, because of its durable properties, polyester is often found mixed with other popular materials, like spandex and cotton.

Polyester is beneficial during these activities:

  • Outside activities/training
  • Sports-based training
  • CrossFit
  • Running
  • Spandex

Spandex is not tough like polyester. Instead, it is very flexible. It is able to stretch out many times over before snapping back into its original size. This is a fantastic fabric to opt for if you are participating in exercises which require a full range of motion. It is also a synthetic material and therefore wicks up the sweat making a huge difference to your workout. It’s also the material they use when making compression clothing.

Spandex is a brilliant choice for:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Gymnastics
  • Any activity where the full range of motion is essential
  • Cottonexercise clothes [longevity live]

There’s probably nothing comfier than a 100% cotton t-shirt. And even with high tech, modern-day workout clothes, cotton is and always will be a classic. Nothing beats cotton when it comes to comfort. Mostly because it can be as durable as many other synthetic materials. Cotton, however, does absorb moisture so it’s important to wash it as soon as you finish your workout.

These activities require cotton:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Weightlifting
  • Bicycling


Rayon is quite new to the fitness apparel world. It’s a very unique material because it’s made from raw materials like wood pulp. It’s finished product feels like cotton and provides the comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester. Due to these properties, rayon is often combined with spandex and polyester to create highly durable and stretchable workout clothes.

Rayon is your best choice for these activities:

  • Sports-based training
  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Outside activities

Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge to shop for the ideal fitness apparel in preparation for your next workout!

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