Get Fit And Get Happy: How The Two Are Linked

One of the greatest motivators for doing something is a sense of being happy. This elation is our bodies’ way of telling us to reinforce certain behavior. In a day and age when we are bombarded by external stress, it’s even more important to have ways and means of feeling good.

Boost your fitness with a friend. training | Longevity Live

While we may take pride in being self-sufficient, at some point we all wish we could make a copy of ourselves to take on larger tasks. We tend to gravitate to like-minded people with whom we can coordinate our efforts. This is a consistent trend in life, and can be seen in action in many successful businesses. The same holds true when it comes to health and wellness, which is why it is important to team up with driven individuals. Yes, I speak of finding a true training partner!

Here is what you should look out for in your training buddy:

  • They train at the same time as you, are punctual and have a friendly demeanor.
  • their training approach has similarities to yours, with interesting differences.
  • There s a fun, up-beat vibe about them, but when it is time to train, they are focused.
  • Their ability equals or exceeds your own.
  • They are, at times, training with other interesting people.

A true training partner will bring a new-found energy, and will push your training to new heights. There is something truly special about another person wanting you to improve because they know that you will provide the same energy for their actions. Feeding off each other’s energy becomes a powerful tool that reinforces excellence, improves your fitness levels and improves your mood. Improve your fitness regime by linking it to your body type. 

7 ways that being happy and healthy are linked:

1. Hugging:

You may be surprised to hear how beneficial this simple act is to your mood and your health. The main hormone involved in hugging is oxytocin, which lowers stress levels and blood pressure improves immune function and is an important bonding hormone for all types of relationships.

2. Aromatherapy:

Scents that soothe the body have been in use since ancient times. Certain fragrances (mint, lavender and vanilla, to name a few) have the ability to release feel-good, happy hormones called endorphins. They provide a useful and non-invasive way to modify your hime and work environment to your benefit, doubling as a pleasant room deodorant.

3. Herbs and spices:

Food has the ability to be effective in combatting stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Food’s effects are compounded with the addition of flavorful hot spices containing capsaicin (cayenne pepper, chillies, etc), which stimulates circulation and the secretion of dopamine.

4. Finding delight

Chocolate, especially the darker, higher-cocoa-content chocolate, not only tastes great, but it packed with antioxidants, promotes the secretion of endorphins and preserves heart function. If you are brave and willing to venture into the bitter-taste spectrum, try raw cocao beans for the ultimate power-packed punch of feel-good.

5. Exercise

The body counters the sometimes unpleasant feeling of exercise with powerful painkilling, mood-enhancing endorphins. Ever wonder why avid runners love their running?

6. Smiling and laughing

Smiling costs nothing, and only a miniscule amount of energy to perform. Plus, it has a host of internal and external benefits. Not only do smiling and laughing make you more approachable and confident, but they also cause an internal release of endorphins and strengthen the immune system.

7. The sun

It’s a known fact that going without sunlight for a number of days can slowly lead to a state of depression. When the skin’s is exposed to sunlight for a couple of minutes, it causes the body to synthesize vitamin D (required for bone health, and supporting immune function). No sun? Make sure to supplement with vitamin D3.  Click here to find out low vitamin D can lead to kidney failure.