Get Rid Of ‘Bingo Wings’ With Jennifer Garner’s Tips

Get rid of that flappy wing under your arms once and for all! So many women complain about having loose skin under their arms, which literally swings from side to side. It’s the most frustrating problem because it’s a bit of a challenge to get rid of it, initially. Luckily, the fitspo actress, Jennifer Garner has bumped up her arm game and can share some really helpful tips with us. I mean, her arms are on fire!

The actress has always been super fit and we can’t help but look at her in complete admiration. Both her arms and her physique look really defined, toned and tight. However, over the past few months she’s taken her body, and her arms in particular, to the next level.

If a 46-year-old woman can look this strong and fit, then we all can. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her bright blue chiffon Atelier Versace gown at the February 2018 Oscars,

Get Rid Of Arm Fat And Go Strong Instead

According to US Magazine, Jennifer Garner says that your main priority should be establishing a healthy diet if you want to achieve defined arms.

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Bicep curls, push-ups, and yoga poses are great and all, but getting those picture-perfect guns takes much more than working out, according to fitness and nutrition coach Adam Rosante.

You need to focus on eating real, fresh foods. This means any food that comes straight from mother nature. In fact, the closer to nature the better! Processed foods, even the supposedly healthy ones are usually filled with sugar. This also applies to those ‘all natural’ snacks which do nothing but create chaos with your hormones and waistline. Adam suggests opening your fridge and telling yourself that this is what your organs, bones, and muscles are made from.

Therefore, you must concentrate on eating earth-grown and raised nutrients, Yes, it might be a little painful to throw out all those 100-calorie packs and ‘real juice’ fruit snacks sitting in your pantry…but if you truly want those lean arms, you will have to do it.

Jennifer Garner often has her nutritionist ask her the following questions to keep her in check: ‘Where are your leafy greens? Where are your herbs? You need beautifying foods. They’re alkalizing and detoxifying.’

Stop Skipping Workouts

I am not suggesting that you should workout 24/7 without a rest day. However, if you want to get results for a picture-perfect you, then you need to stop missing important workouts. Jennifer Garner’s one secret to her ultra-toned arms is to never skip a workout. She says that when you tweak your foot or hurt it slightly, but don’t want to miss your workout, just ice it. She actually sits with her feet and soaks them in a bucket of freezing cold ice. You don’t have to do this, but you can use an ice pack.

She also tells US Magazine that in order to prepare for her role in the action-thriller Peppermint, she has to remain extremely focused on defining her arms. Therefore, as of late, all of her workouts have been focused on using her shoulders, biceps, and triceps, And if you want to look like a strong, powerful, yet feminine assassin, then try getting a lot more arm focused workouts in. Defining your arms takes times, it does not happen overnight.

Dance And Punch The Fat Away

Garner’s workout of choice is Body By Simone, which is a dance and rebound-based workout created by celebrity trainer De La Rue. It involves dance cardio, weights, trampolines and all kinds of different things. Jennifer Garner says it’s really fun, high energy, super hard, and never boring. But it’s a workout that anybody can do.

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Jennifer Garner may have chosen dancing as her go-to workout to get rid of arm fat. However, she also raves about throwing punches. Therefore, boxing should also be given credit for her enviable arms. But whatever workout this fit actress chooses to do, it has to make her feel good. She says if you can find a workout that makes you smile, do it.

The amazing thing about dance though is it requires the whole body and a lot of mental strength. You’re learning coordination. And from the moment you start, you work hard. But, if you really want to see results, then you need to clean up your diet first.

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