Hot Yoga Yogis, Here’s What You Can Gain Or Risk

Hot yoga yogis, we’ve taken the time to shed some light on the sizzling hot power yoga classes you adore so much. When you look at the science, it’s apparent that there are some significant health benefits to living like avid hot yoga yogis, but there are some disadvantages that might also put you at risk. Just like any physical activity, we must take caution and practice carefully.

The yoga community is generally quite divided and for years we’ve been debating over whether hot yoga or Bikram is safe. Certain celebrities and hot yoga yogis swear by it, whilst others are not convinced. Several studies show that doing yoga in extreme heat provides no more benefits than doing it in a cool air-conditioned room. So, why do it?

There’s a possibility that Bikram yoga might be able to help increase flexibility, improve your heart health and help you to lose weight. But critics explain that there’s no scientific evidence to support these benefits. Moreover, certain people believe that hot yoga can also increase your risk of injury because you’re transitioning into positions whilst in a heated studio of 40°C heat and 60 percent humidity. Hot yoga yogi, this can cause you to overstretch more so than you normally would. However, there are some incredible benefits and we’re going to take a look at them all.

Hot Yoga Yogis, Downward Dog In A Hot Room

Is it really that good for your health? Let’s take a closer look.

hot yoga yogis sweat a lot is it good for you [longevity live]There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to magically touch your toes, pain-free when the body is nice and warm. The heat is also fantastic for promoting sweating to flush toxins from the body. Hot yoga yogis will work their heart and lungs work harder which can help you burn more calories. So you’ll certainly clock a great cardio workout.

Naturally, you will be more flexible when your body is warm which helps to ease joints and prevent injury. Having said that, it might also be easy to overstretch which can leave you in the doctor’s rooms too. Hot yoga yogis believe that heat provides a deeper, more effective, immersive, intense, and even more appealing workout. Hot yoga is a fresh new take on ancient practice. It has also won the approval of sports science. But there are still some cons to look out for.

The Pros And Cons For The Hot Yoga Yogis

Everybody is unique and will have their own experience and opinion. However, we thought it would be helpful to include a short-list of both the advantages and disadvantages of doing Hot Yoga. That way you’ll have the knowledge and be able to make an informed decision.

Hot Yoga Makes You Supple

As mentioned, moving in a heated room helps to relax and soothe the muscles which will promote flexibility and suppleness in the body. Hot yoga yogis are often able to bend much deeper because their muscles soften in the heat. This will also help hot yoga yogis reduce muscle soreness. In fact, studies say that this allows you to think about your breath in a really different way because you have to focus on your breath to even stay in the hot room.

You Might Overstretch And Get Injured

This is the downside of doing yoga in a hot room, hot yoga yogis. Experienced yogis say that this is because your muscles are so soft, which can open you up to injury. Moreover, the heat is quite intense and can be distracting which might prevent you from focusing on your form.

Strengthens the Immune System

Experts state that the hot pod effect has been known for a long time. Apparently exercising in a hot environment improves your immune system and elevates the body’s regenerative capacity. Hot yoga yogis might have a better chance against warding off sickness.

hot yoga yogis dehydration risk [longevity live]

Amazing For The Lymphatic System

Interestingly, hot yoga yogis state that they feel as if their body received a cleanse after a class. There’s some truth behind it and research states that hot yoga might be beneficial for getting rid of toxins through your lymphatic system.

Moreover, hot yoga is also amazing for your skin because sweating causes your pores to open up. This helps you to keep your complexion clear. Sweat also contains a natural antibiotic known as dermcidin that can help kill bacteria on the skin.

Improve Your Breathing

This is one that we are certain every endurance athlete will love. Hot yoga yogis have the chance to improve their breathing through

hot yoga. This is a serious advantage to runners. Actually, Runner’s World magazine recommends hot yoga, particularly for those training for a marathon.

They explain that during a hot yoga class, you have to maintain control of your breathing to flow through the poses. It also trains your body to rely on your breath during endurance activities like running a marathon.

Watch Out For Dehydration

Having said that, for all new hot yoga yogis, you may not be ready to handle such high-temperature levels. Certain studies have raised awareness about Bikram yoga. Doctors are concerned that some 90-minute hot yoga classes get up to 103 degrees which could be dangerous since the threshold is 104. It can be difficult to handle especially for those who are heat intolerant.

In that case, it’s probably best that newcomers stick to conventional yoga or try hot yoga at a studio that offers it at a lower heat or a  60 minute class. Often high heat can lead to nausea, dizziness and even dehydration. It’s better to ease into the high heat zone first. Hot yoga yogis need to go into class hydrated and preferably have done some kind of yoga previously.

Drink your water!

Stronger Bones

Originally researchers thought that hot yoga would be bad for your bones. This is because you sweat a lot during a class, and means you’re sweating calcium. This could be bad for bones since the body will start to breakdown to maintain its calcium levels. You’re in luck with hot yoga because it’s quite the opposite. It turns out that, whilst there’s a lot of salt lost in sweat, there’s only a little bit of calcium lost.

This means it’s pretty good for your bones. Doctors still do recommend replenishing water, sodium, and calcium after hot yoga practice.

Amazing Skin

We stated that hot yoga is great for your lymphatic system, but it is even more beneficial for your skin. All that sweating forces your pores to open up which helps to keep a clear complexion. In fact, sweat also contains a natural antibiotic known as dermcidin that can help kill bacteria on the skin. Apparently, in a study of 700 people, 33% of them said that they experienced clearer skin following a short series of hot yoga sessions.

Beware If You’re Pregos

Doctors don’t advise pregnant women to do hot yoga. This is because of the extra weight, loose muscles, and lower blood pressure that comes with early pregnancy. High temperatures might lead to fainting or possibly even birth yoga yogis and health benefits [longevity live]

Reduce Stress And Improve Focus

Hot yoga yogis claim that they experience a major endorphin release after doing a 90-minute sweat session. More so than other activities. Apparently, hot yoga might also be able to help you focus. This is because the high heat makes it harder for you to breathe so you’re forced to concentrate more on your breathing pattern, which is an integral part of yoga.

Hot Yoga Is Difficult And Time Consuming

Most hot yoga yogis will tell you that every class takes about 90 minutes. This can take a large portion out of your day and then you still need to shower to continue your day. Mainly because you sweat so much. The other aspect is that it’s not easy to do. You can injure yourself is not done progressively.

It’s important not to push into a stretch so that you avoid forcing yourself into joint-heavy poses and you risk tearing a ligament.

You also have to focus hard on your balance which means concentrating on deep breathing. Hot yoga yogis might feel this is out of sorts. However, this can be an added push for pro-yogis.

In essence, hot yoga yogis are certainly onto an activity that has a host of health benefits. However, because we’re dealing with unusual poses and high temperatures we must be careful how we go about practicing it. So, if you want to yoga it up and sweat, give hot yoga a try! If heat is not for you, then stick to a more traditional style of yoga in cooler settings that have even more health benefits.

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