Resistance Bands Are A Must Have In Your Home This Summer

Resistance bands are a must have in every home this summer. I love them because they’re extremely versatile and anybody can use them. In fact, they’re even better than collecting little weights or kettle bells. This is because you can take them with you wherever you go, plus get in an effective workout. They’re incredible for those on the go and work well for a summer workout outside, at work or in your bedroom. Get a resistance mini band set up asap because you are going to love the results.

A summer body in the comfort of your home

Resistance bands are growing in popularity because they are easy to cart around and they workout every part of your body. Although lifting heavy weights is a smart approach to your fitness routine…Resistance mini bands are just as, if not more, effective at times because you get many options to choose from. You have a wide selection of bands all with different levels of resistance for a lower or higher intensity workout. The best part is you can get all this without lifting a weight. Now that’s what convenience stands for.

If you’re trying to get a summer body and you’re not into heavy lifting. Don’t stress! This summer we’re all about using resistance bands and you can use them in the comfort of your own home gym.

Resistance Bands Benefits

All research states clearly that to achieve a toned physique we must train our bodies with some sort of resistance or progressive overload. Just like weight such as dumbbells, kettle bells or barbells, resistance mini bands give you an additional force that your muscles need to work against. Every time you push against that force, your muscles are asked to activate.

However, there is a difference between using free weights and resistance bands. SELF refers to a study conducted by Dan Giordano, C.S.C.S., D.P.T., co-founder of Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy in New York City and Seattle. Giordano explains that mini bands do not rely on gravity as free weight does, which means you’re working against resistance to the entire workout. When you use weights, you are only activating your muscles during the time where you’re moving against gravity. 

resistance bands [longevity live]

Giordano refers to the squat whilst using resistance bands around your quads. He says that you have to press your legs against the band even when you’re standing in the starting position. Then, you still need to press out when you’re lowering into a squat, and again when you’re standing back up, to keep your knees in line so that your knees don’t collapse. This means you’re placing your muscles under tension for a much longer time than lifting a weight. And boy… Do those muscles work!?

Try doing a squat hold pulse for an extended period of time with a mini resistance band wrapped around your legs. Trust me, you’ll feel the burn straight away! None of these rests between sets kind of things.

Incredibly Versatile And Doable

You can use resistance bands for almost anything. Whether it’s for a warm-up, a workout, flexibility or even rehabilitation for an injury. They’re great for activating specific muscles that you’ll need for certain exercises like the hips, glutes and lateral muscle groups. This is very important and activates all of your stabiliser muscles which keeps your muscles strong so that you can move more efficiently. Research says that when you are weak in your hip area a lot of things can go wrong and lose balance. This leads to overcompensating with other muscles which results in injury. This is the last thing you need!

resistance bands [longevity live]

People have realised that using resistance mini bands before attempting strenuous activities is the best way to fire up your muscles and keep them strong. It’s also a good way to warm up your shoulders, scapula and arms before lifting heavy weights just to ensure that the muscles are activated. You don’t want to head into a workout cold.

However, you can use these bands for a full workout too! Don’t underestimate these little tools. You will notice your progress quickly as well because you can keep increasing your resistance over time. The strength slowly starts feeling easier which means your muscles are getting stronger.

Here’s A Resistance Band Workout

Thank you to SELF, we are able to share this easy-to-do anywhere full body workout with you today. For more information about how to complete every exercise please see the full description. 

The only equipment you will need to do this workout is a light-to-moderate weight looped resistance band and one with handles. However, if you want to use a plain resistance band without handles, go for it! It’s just not as easy to grip.

The Workout

Bodyweight warm-up:resistance bands [longevity live]

  • Inchworm—5 reps
  • Shoulder Tap—10 reps
  • Squat Thrust—15 reps
  • Air Squat—20 reps
  • Do 3 rounds.

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds. There are three rounds per circuit.

Circuit #1:
Complete jump squats at the end of every round.

  • Resistance Band Bicep Curl
  • Plank Up-Down (no band)
  • Resistance Band Lateral Walk
  • Resistance Band Glute Bridge
  • Jump squat (no band) — 10 reps

Circuit #2:

Change to jump lunges.

  • Resistance Band Lat Pulldown
  • Push-up (no band)
  • Resistance Band Kneeling Crunch
  • Jump lunge — 20 reps

Circuit #3:
Return to jump squats.

  • Resistance Band Upright Row
  • A Resistance Band: Hinged Row
  • Resistance Band Glute Kickback
  • A Resistance Band Thruster
  • Jump Squat (no band) — 10 reps

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