I Got Ready To Rumble With Virgin Active

Throwing a punch may be the best thing you could do for your health, as Virgin Active’s new workout class promises all the benefits of boxing without the bruises. Their new South-African based class Rumble is throwing all the right punches. Granted, I’m not much of a boxer, but the opportunity to release some tension and burn calories at the same time was not one I could let pass by.

What is RUMBLE?

RUMBLE is a boxing-inspired group training session that Virgin Active launched in March and is available at 70 selected Virgin Active health clubs across the country. Developed by former SA Professional Bantam & Featherweight Kickboxing Champ Josh Cassius Cloete, RUMBLE is a high-energy class that offers a full-body workout. Accompanied by boxing gloves and skipping ropes (provided by the gym), RUMBLE is a 60-minute workout that involves over nine rounds of skipping, jabbing and punching. The class incorporates all the basics of boxing without you making any contact and it’s a complete calorie burner.

As the National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active South Africa, Ceri Hannan, put it, “Rumble, developed specifically by Virgin Active, is great high-intensity interval training inspired by boxing. You will not only increase strength, but also speed and fitness for a knockout body.” Aside from the intense calorie burn- boxing provides benefits such as stress-relief,
improved cardiovascular health, increased speed, better hand-eye coordination and you’re also provided with tips on how to defend yourself.

Our Experience

Not only was it great to burn some calories, but being able to release some stress has never felt this fun. The class I attended was led by Quakes from the Virgin Active team who – in typical boxing coach form – continued to push and motivate us with words of encouragement. The class, accompanied by a soundtrack that is perfectly matched to the atmosphere -cue Rocky’s Eye of The Tiger – is fast-paced and I admittedly had to stop two (most likely five) times to catch my breath. Between skipping intervals, sit-ups and punching the boxing bags- there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this class had burnt off some serious calories. Click here to find out how you can decrease your risk for later dementia by staying fit.

The Verdict

RUMBLE is a fun, full-body cardio workout. If you enjoy group fitness and high-intensity classes, this one is definitely for you. It’s incredibly fast-paced, yet worth it. I recommend this class to anyone who’s looking to release some stress while breaking a sweat, or if you’re looking to throw a perfect punch – without getting hit back.

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