6 Top Tips To Build Your Ultimate Garage Gym

Working out – whether it is at the gym or outside – brings about a host of positive feelings. Besides making you stronger and fitter, exercising also releases endorphins into your bloodstream, making you happier. However, be it the commute, the ever-expanding crowd or the lack of personalised attention: for most people, traveling to a public gym can get boring and stressful. A simple way of removing all the stressors and really focussing on your fitness journey is to  build your own garage gym. By doing so, you also eliminate the excuse of needing to make time to leave your comfort zone and go to the gym.

The simplest place to set up a home gym is in your garage. With some smart planning, you can build the ideal personalised workout space for yourself!

Here is how:

Tip 1: Fixing Up Your Garage

The first step to renovating any place is by clearing out what you have. Most of us use our garage as a dumping ground: be it discarded armchairs, extra toolboxes or broken appliances—they all wind up in the garage. This is why you need to start by cleaning out your garage. This serves two purposes: first, you can get a clear idea of the space you have and second, you can use or sell some of the things in your garage.

To earn some cash on the way, hold a yard sale or sell some things online. Start building your gym by installing hooks and shelves for equipment storage. Working out can take space so plan your storage to leave enough floor space for lifting and workouts.

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Tip 2: Gym-friendly Flooring and Insulation 

The second step for converting your garage into a gym is getting an insulated garage door. This will safeguard your gym against bad weather and noise, ensuring an optimal environment for working out.

Besides an insulated garage door, you also need to think about your gym floor. Most garage floors are made of concrete, which is not conducive to high-impact exercises. You need to cover the flooring with rubber or foam mats and tiles, which can absorb the impact of your exercise. By doing so, you can also exercise barefoot.

Tip 3: Make Your Own Gym Equipment

What if we told you that the deflated basketball and scraps of ply that you have in your garage could be used to make gym equipment? All you need to do fill your old basketball with pool salt and stitch it up to get the perfect equipment for weighted squats and sit-ups.

If you enjoy cardio, you can make your own plyometric box. Simply saw and nail some ply together in one of the following dimensions: 12″x14″x16″, 18″x20″x24″ or 20″x24″x30″. Typically, most novices and intermediate users find the right fit in the first two sizes. By making your own equipment, you can save up on quite some money!

Tip 4: Buying the Right Equipment 

The most important part of building your garage gym is investing in the right equipment. Seeing how your garage is a smaller, personalized space, it is best to invest in space-efficient equipment.

For a rough idea, as a beginner, you will need parallettes, kettlebells of different weights (35 lb and 55 lb), bumper plates of different weight, a bench press stand and an Olympic Bar. Don’t be afraid to experiment—it’s your personal gym after all! To be really cost efficient, you can check online for some second hand gym equipment.

Tip 5: Motivational Atmosphere

The last thing you need to get your garage gym in place is fitness motivation! The best part of having your personalized gym space is that you design it keeping in mind what motivates you to pump iron and do that extra set. Get photos of your favorite workout quotes or fitness idols made into custom banners and signboards as workout motivation.

For some people, admiring the results of their workout is an important part of getting fitter. If that motivates you, get a full-length mirror installed in your garage gym. Some studies show that listening to music can optimize your work out, so don’t forget to install a good sound system!

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Tip 6: Personal Trainer/Online Subscription 

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you need a mentor to guide and motivate you. For your home gym, get in touch with personal trainers who will be willing to come a few times a week. Subscribe to programs suited for your fitness goals and hit the gym whenever you want!

Whether you are an occasional lifter or a hardcore gym freak, constructing your very own gym can bring about positive changes in your life. Follow your exercises with a shower using a good organic cleanser like the African Black Soap. Eat a healthy diet later to make up for the calories lost. In no time, you are guaranteed to feel happy, healthy and fueled with energy.