UFC Franchise Brings 4th Mixed Martial Arts Gym To Hawaii

UFC franchise gyms and fighting entertainment shows are only emphasizing the insane growth in popularity towards combat sports worldwide. Everybody wants a part in it and the fitness industry is the quickest way to start.

The violent persona of MMA scares many away from trying it. However, a lot of people today recognize its health benefits, fitness gains, and self-defense perks.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gyms are popping up everywhere. We’re about to see the fourth largest and most innovative fitness UFC gym launch in Kailua, Hawaii! And both ladies and gentlemen want to join in on the action.

UFC Franchise Gyms Promote MMA For FitnessUFC franchise [longevity live]

MMA and combats sports have become very popular over the past two years. Personally, I love the idea of learning how to defend yourself whilst getting fit and having fun.

Don’t know what UFC is? The UFC franchise is a multi-million dollar industry and people are asking for more.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American MMA organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, It is owned and operated by parent company William Morris Endeavor. It happens to be one of the largest MMA promotions in the world and features many high-level fighters.

The company hosts events worldwide and has twelve different weight divisions. After hosting over 400 events, the UFC franchise continues to grow in popularity worldwide! And as a result, everybody wants to feel ‘fighting fit!’

Interestingly, keeping fit is a really important part of the Hawaain community. UFC President, Adam Sedlack says that they’ve experienced an amazing response from their members in their first three gyms. And because of this, the UFC franchise is excited to open a new location in Kailua. This is a big step for the company because they have wanted to expand in Kailua for a long time. With over 150 different locations worldwide, Adam wants to bring the UFC’s unique training philosophy back home.

UFC Hall of Famer and UFC GYM franchisee BJ Penn, says he is actually from Kailua and is proud to bring a UFC Gym back to his hometown. He believes that combat sports training is also a great way to connect people and will connect the rest of the Kailua community.

The Unique Training ApproachUFC franchise [longevity live]

In fact, one of their key initiatives is to continuously provide their Train Different® philosophy throughout the incredible community. And perhaps the unique benefits of combat sports and its associated training regimes have sparked a lightbulb in the rest of the world too.

The gym is going to be located in the Lau Hala

Shops (573 Kailua Road). According to the UFC franchise, this new gym will be the largest and most innovative fitness facility in Kailua. It will have a large group fitness studio, boxing and kickboxing conditioning area, MMA and youth fitness classes. There are even Pilates and Yoga classes available. As well as state-of-the-art equipment, full amenity locker rooms, a Kids Club and more.

The goal is to provide everybody with something they can enjoy. Moreover, the UFC gym is offering ‘Founding Member’ special rates for the first 500 prospective members who enroll. And any new member who enrolls will automatically be entered to win a trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada, home of UFC.

There is a new mentality within the fitness industry. And that is to train like an athlete. I think this is the best way to maximize your fitness gains because you’re constantly cross-training and challenging yourself. A UFC gym is a great place to learn how to do this since all its training regimens have been designed by internationally-acclaimed UFC athletes.

So if you’re looking for energized group classes and world-class private coaching. Or, better yet, a family-friendly community of fitness enthusiasts who love to train differently. You might want to hop onto your next flight to Hawaii!

Train Like An AthleteUFC franchise [longevity live]

Have you tried something new lately? How does moving away from your comfort zone feel? Nerve-wracking? Exciting?

Of course, anything new is going to make you feel uncomfortable and at times, life-changing. Particularly taking on sports like mixed martial arts, boxing or kickboxing. However, combat sports are trending because people have realized how it can help you get into the best shape of your life physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus being a massive confidence booster!

You can expect to see more Muay ThaiBrazilian Jiu-JitsuBoxing, and MMA gyms popping up in your area.

Here are a few reasons why taking up a class could change your life.

You’ll Have A Blast

Even the most conditioned MMA athletes like Connor Mcgregor speak about how much fun they have when training during a Jiu=Jitsu or Kickboxing session. Combat sports training is not your typical workout. You won’t find any treadmills or elliptical machines. And you’ll never get bored, Every workout you can learn a new skill and discover something new about yourself in entirely new ways.

Whether you’re kicking the pads as hard as you can in Muay Thai class, or rolling around on the mat in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’re going to have a fun time no matter what. The UFC franchise is definitely onto something!

And having should be the reason you start any kind of martial arts training. It’s what will keep you hooked.

It’s A Full Body Workout

And what about calorie burn? Well, in just 60 minutes of Muay Thai training, you can burn up to 1000 calories! That’s motivation enough for me to keep up with my MMA training.

According to Evolve, Martial arts targets the major muscle groups of the body. It engages your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which achieves an amazing full-body workout. Any movements that you do, whether it’s running the ladder, shadow boxing, or even simple stretching. You are guaranteed to sweat. Martial arts training also strengthens and tones your core, improves your breathing, and makes you stronger, faster, and significantly leaner.

Better yet, during any martial arts class, your body is continuously moving. Therefore, you’ll achieve the quickest results and witness your body changing shape rapidly. It pushes your body to the limit and helps you discover your true potential. And if you’re relatively unfit, don’t stress because martial arts classes are designed to allow you to push yourself at your own pace and level.

You’ll Meet Lots Of PeopleUFC franchise [longevity live]

In any martial arts classes, you’ll always begin with groups of people who are at the same level as you. Therefore, you’re almost guaranteed to are sure to meet like-minded people in your group. This is also great mtivation to maintain your fitness journey.

Everybody learns and grows together and is there to help one another. In fact, much of the fun from martial arts training exists because you’re working out with others.

You’ll Challenge Yourself

Martial arts has been known as the ultimate way to test yourself. It certainly isn’t only about fitness or strength. You’ll require more mental strength than anything else. Nervous? Don’t be, because with proper training you’ll start to learn what your true physical and mental potential is.

You’ll be pushed to your limits, but with a smile on your face. It is far superior to normal fitness workouts because even though you’re working really hard. You have a lot of fun do it and don’t feel as tired as you would’ve after conventional exercise.

So, who is ready to join their first martial arts class?

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