Athletic Females Need Carbs More Than You Think

Athletic Wimbledon tennis stars like Serena Williams and Simona Halep are both world champions. When they are going to play a big match, they have to ensure their nutrition is top notch. And this means eating a diet that can fuel their bodies for long and intense hours of training and exertion.

To uphold their athletic titles, they cannot allow their performance to drop because they have undereaten or avoided carbohydrates. The fear of carbs really needs to come to an end! Whether or not you’re an athlete, we need carbs for energy and studies are saying that women might need them even more.athletic female [longevity live]

Quite a few years have passed since half the world decided to shun carbs. However, thankfully new studies have made it clear that carbs are not the enemy. In fact, when a female athlete limits the macronutrient to extreme levels they can damage their health and performance.

How Can Athletic Women Balance A Carb-Filled Diet?

A study conducted by Precision Nutrition states that female bodies are naturally a lot more sensitive to a carb or caloric limitation. And because of this, energy imbalances like irregular menstrual cycles, lethargy, and bone loss may happen. Your chances also increase if you’re not getting enough calories.

When a woman significantly lowers her consumption of carbs, she can cause her hormones to run haywire. 

Therefore it is vital for any athletic lady out there to always eat enough. Fitness blog Furthermore created by Equinox, explains that under-eating can ultimately slow down certain components of your metabolic rate. Your brain is very smart and starts to sense the number of calories going out or coming in and therefore tries to match that. Experts believe that the correct amount of fuel is the pinnacle point for fitness and metabolism.

athletic female [longevity live]Moreover, carbs are one of the most important parts of this process. Studies state that active women should eat between four and six handfuls of carbs (whole grains, potatoes, beans, legumes, and fruit) a day.

You Need A Combination Of Carbs And Protein

Protein overkill is what I would use to describe the 2018 health and fitness trends. There have been so many confusing and ill-informed pieces of advice floating around our social networks. A lot of the time people end up force feeding themselves huge and unnecessary amounts of protein, simply because it is what they’ve been told to do. They are under the impression that it will instantaneously build lean muscle mass and shed a bunch of body fat. But, just like too many carbs cause weight gain – so will too many proteins.

Not only this, but your body becomes unbalanced and starts to lack specific macronutrients like carbs. An athletic woman who wants to perform at her best certainly cannot survive on only high volumes of protein and the same goes for a casual gym-goer.

A large number of coaches and dietitians do encourage and remind us of the importance of eating protein after intense workouts, However, carbs will optimise those post-workout fitness gains. They serve to replace all of the muscle glycogen lost during intense exercise. So, when you decide to make your protein post-recovery snack, be sure to include some healthy carbs too!

What’s The Secret?athletic female [longevity live]

According to the authors of a recent study published in the journal Nutrients. Anybody that’s looking to gain muscle should eat between 30 to 45 grams of carbs per hour of training.

Eating more carbohydrates and including them in your daily snacks and meals is the secret to helping your body meet heavy training demands and effective recovery with a reduced risk of injury.

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