Julianne Hough Speaks Out About Living With Endometriosis

Actress Julianne Hough has publicly spoken out about how endometriosis has impacted her life since youth. From being hospitalised nine years ago, to experiencing stomach pains for most of her life. Hough is now proactive about dealing with the health condition that affects as much as ten percent of all women. 

Julianne Hough Speaks About How The Condition Makes Her Feel

Living with endometriosis has left Hough filled with mixed emotions about her health. She has even placed her career on hold several times, because it is just too painful. The actress opened up to to People magazine saying, “when I was 15, I had symptoms of endometriosis, but I had never heard of it, I didn’t know what it was.”

Julianne Hough speaks endometriosis | Longevity LIVE

“I thought that this was just the kind of pain you have when you’re on your period. For years, I was just thinking that it was normal and never really talked about it.”


She also told People magazine that her initial feeling after being diagnosed was fear.  The actress admitted this fear was based on ignorance, mainly because endometriosis is not publicly and openly spoken about.  However, once she was able to put a name to the severe pain, she felt relief.  Also knowing there are treatments and that she could speak to her doctor to find solutions, helped her overcome the initial anxiety.

What Is Julianne Hough Doing About It?

The actress is teaming up with AbbVie’s ‘Get In The Know About ME In EndoMEtriosis’ campaign.  The campaign is focused on educating young women, who are possibly suffering from the symptoms of endometriosis.

The actress admits she still has tough days, but never lets it stop her everyday life. Moreover, Hough maintains a healthy and active life, which has helped a great deal.

However, there are days where she takes it slow. The actress has to look after her body and can’t overdo it when she is dancing or training. No matter how painful it is, she admits that this is hard for her to do at times, Hough says, “it’s hard for me mentally because I have that dancer, athlete mentality of, ‘I cannot quit, I have to keep going,’” “I have a tolerance for pain, I’m a tough cookie, so it was really hard for me to take a day off, but I needed it. I have to be kind to my body.”


How Does This Fitness-Obsessed Actress Control The Painful Symptoms?

According to sources such as, Mind Body Green, Julianne Hough focuses on self-care and makes it a big part of her health and wellness program.

Julianne Hough speaks endometriosis | Longevity LIVEShe recommends warm compresses, which alleviate the pain. Moreover, the actress speaks about getting cozy with her dog and using it as a heating pad. This may sound silly, but any type of heat can reduce pain.

Hough watches what she eats and exercising regularly. She says that the biggest lesson she learned is to stay educated and to get tested.  She says women should never ignore abnormal menstrual cramps. Should speak to your doctor if you find yourself experiencing similar symptoms.

What Does Her Daily Routine Involve?Julianne Hough speaks endometriosis | Longevity LIVE

Hough speaks about starting her day at 7 a.m. with an English breakfast tea, hot water with lemon, half a protein bar and banana. She recommends eating a large green smoothie after your workout, with steamed eggs, avocado and tomatoes. In addition,  Hough mixes up her workouts by doing Body By Simone, CorePower Yoga, , and SoulCycle.

Lastly, Hough always incorporates healthy green salads, carbs, protein, almonds, and plenty of water, throughout the rest of her day.

Living with endometriosis is a burden to many women. Most  of the time, women do not even know they have it.

If you relate to this story, then take Julianne Hough’s advice and get tested.  It is comforting to know that you’re not alone in its grips and there are ways to manage its painful symptoms. As in most cases, a healthy lifestyle should always be your number one priority!


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  1. Tracy
    25 May 2017 at 5:12 am

    What testing is being referred to here?

    There is no test to determine if a woman has endometriosis. That’s why this disease is so dreadful. On average, diagnosis can take up to 10 years, as most family doctors and GYNs do not recognize the symptoms. In my case, diagnosis took almost 20….throughout the years symptoms were brushed off as “normal”. This delay, which allowed the disease to advance (severe stage 4), led to loss of organs and fertility, not to mention the loss of work/career…
    Endometriosis is truly debilitating, affecting lives in countless ways. The current standard of care/delay in diagnosis is unacceptable. Excision surgery with a specialist is the only “cure”, and most women are unable to get this care because insurance does not cover the procedure, not to mention that there are only a handful of these specialists in the US.
    It’s great that Juliane is speaking up about the disease, but the correct information needs to be provided. Hopefully one day a much-needed test will be available!