Fashion Habits That Are Harming Your Health

Everyone loves a great fashion item. Unfortunately for the fashion-lovers among us who live for these, the mantra beauty is pain may be more than just a catchy slogan. In an effort to stay ahead of trends and avoid being a fashion victim, we may be jeopardizing our health.

Read on to find out which style choices may not be making us feel as good as we look.

Toxic Fashion Habits

The higher the heelfashion | Longevity LIVE

They don’t call them killer heels for nothing. While high heels can provide an elongated, slimming look, regularly wearing them can cause health concerns in your back, spine, calves and joints.

According to one study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, long-term wear of high heels can weaken the ankle muscles and this soon leads to complications in the legs and back.  High heels force your weight forward, this stretches out to your knees and arches your lower back further than necessary. This hyper extension then adds pressure to your mid foot, knees, hips and lower back. Moreover, high heels not only force your weight forward, but they also pull your head a little forward, which can cause strain in neck muscles.

If that’s not enough, your favorite pair of stilettos can also shorten your calf, which can cause discomfort on the days when you choose flats. Also, a shortened calf is quite painful and you might find yourself walking on tippy toes just to avoid the pain.

If you’re looking to completely switch to flats, be sure to choose the right pair that offers good arch support. The wrong pair of flats can cause heel pain, as most of them rarely offer proper support. Also, be sure that your pair of flats can’t be considered as pointy footwear. Such footwear can put pressure on your toes, causing them to swell. This can lead to the development of bunions and hammertoes. If your shoes have any form of tapering on them, ensure that you don’t wear them for more than three hours at a time. Feel free to kick them off whilst you’re seated, to give your toes room to breath.

If you just can’t seem to part with your Manolos and Jimmy Choos, be sure to wear them seated as much as possible, as standing in them for long will only add more strain to the joints and muscles. Also, if you’re going to be walking around a lot during your day, is sure to carry around some flats.

The bigger the bagfashion | Longevity LIVE

The right bag can be exactly what you need to add elegance to your outfit. However, if you’re literally carrying the weight of your world on your shoulders, then you might need to unpack.

Bags are used to carry our lipstick and purses, yet one bag has simultaneously transformed into being a work bag, a laptop bag and, if big enough, a gym bag. Aside from changes in gait, the increased weight on one shoulder throws the body off balance and this leads to neck pain, headaches as well as mid-back and low-back pain.
We’re not the only ones dealing with the the heavy bag epidemic. School children may also battle with neck, shoulder, and back strain as a result of their heavy backpacks.

The first thing you need to do is declutter your bag. It is highly unlikely that you’re using everything that you’ve stashed in there, no matter how fashion-forward it seems. If so, try switching to a backpack with a waist strap as this will cause less strain on your shoulders.

Heavy jewelry

This form of jewelry is often used as statement pieces yet the biggest statement should always be your health. Heavy earrings, for example, pull on the earlobes and thin them out. It can also elongate the opening of the piercing. A heavy necklace can cause strain on the neck, while heavy bangles can affect the alignment of your wrist.

If you’re all about bulky oversized jewelry, opt for light fabric bangles and lightweight earrings.

Wrong bra sizefashion | Longevity LIVE

While bras only have one job, wearing the wrong size can affect how well they perform.

Bras that are too tight or the wrong size can cause breathing problems, neck and shoulder tension, mid back pain, headaches, nerve damage  and breast sagging. If your answer is yes to any of the following questions, then you might want to go get measured for a new bra.

  • Is the band of your bra rubbing?
  • Is your band on the tightest hook and can you still slide it around with ease?
  • Are your straps digging into your shoulders or are they constantly falling off and needing to be tightened?
  • Do you have a boob bulge over the front or the sides of your bra?

Aside from cup size, it’s also important to choose a bra that fits you properly across the back with wide straps that will firmly support your upper body and ensure your spine is sitting in the correct position.


While lingerie can make you feel sexy, it can also create some uncomfortable, unhealthy situations.

As some lingerie is made of non-breathable material,  this can result in trapped moisture which then becomes the perfect breathing ground for bacteria. This then can lead to the development of both urinary tract infections and yeast infections.
It’s best to either opt for underwear that’s made of breathable material, as well as ensuring that the fabric next to your underwear also offers breathing ability.

Too tight jeansfashion | Longevity LIVE

Although they may look cute, squeezing yourself into a pair of skinny jeans could lead to unnecessary health problems.

Aside from potentially causing yeast infections, tight pants can also cause numbness and tingling in your legs. One study found muscle and nerve fibre damage in the legs as a result of skinny jeans wear. High-waisted jeans also put pressure on the abdomen, if they’re too tight they can cause acid reflux, irregular breathing and weakened core muscles.

If your skinny jeans are a staple of your wardrobe, be sure to invest in a pair that has a bit of spandex in them and allows for air and blood flow.

Shape wear

These garments, such as corsets and waist trainers, may help to smooth out bumps and bulges, but at what cost? A body shaper puts pressure onto your organs and this increases the risk of acid reflux, weakened abdominal muscles and nerve damage, and they can also affect the rate of your digestion, which can leave you uncomfortably bloated.

As exciting as it can feel to be at the forefront of fashion trends, they should never take priority over your health. Besides, trends come and go and yet being healthy will never go out of style.

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