Itchy Throat After Eating Certain Fruits And Vegetables

Itchy throats seem to be a common issue many people experience after eating a specific fruit or vegetable. If your throat tingles after biting into your favourite fruit, don’t stress, because you’re not the only one. Experts believe that the sensation is actually caused by a seasonal allergy, like Hayfever.

Anybody pursuing a healthy lifestyle must understand the foods they eat and how they impact their body’s ability to perform. We want you to listen to your body more. It always knows best!

What Does The Itchy Sensation Mean?itchy throat [longevity live]

Whilst growing up, did pollen on your nose always cause you to sneeze? I know it does for me, even if I catch a tiny sniff of some. If you answered yes, then you’re probably familiar with Hayfever. People with pollen allergies often find themselves being irritated by an itchy mouth or throat after eating certain produce. My itchy feeling happens right after I eat Brinjals. I know, it is very weird!

According to experts, this sensation is most likely a sign of Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Apparently, OAS affects over one-third of North Americans with pollen-related allergies (and 10 per cent of the entire population).

What Is The Reaction Triggered By?

Global allergists explain that OAS doesn’t actually have a connection to pollen directly.  They believe that certain people have an allergy to a protein in the fruit that is similar to the protein they are allergic to in the pollen. So, your body ends up getting very confused and thinks you are eating a ball of pollen instead of fruit.

Interestingly, you can have a reaction to something

itchy throat [longevity live]

you’ve eaten millions of times before.  You may not have previously experienced any issues, but you can develop an allergy over time. Another reason may be the time of year. Eating fruits and vegetables out of season, like eating an apple during spring, can cause unexpected reactions.

Science has even discovered that specific types of pollen allergies link to certain types of food. For example, those people allergic to tree or birch pollen may have problems with cherries, apples, peaches, apricots, hazelnuts, and occasionally almonds or peanuts. These are most common in the spring. Those allergic to ragweed could have problems with melons, avocados, cilantro, and some other fruits and vegetables.

I wonder what it means to be allergic to Brinjals? Perhaps that would be best to look into another day!

Is the Reaction Dangerous?

No, not in most cases. If anything the sensation just feels a little uncomfortable.

If you take a big bite into your favourite apple or fresh produce and get an itchy throat, tongue, and/or lips, you might have oral allergy syndrome.itchy throat [longevity live]  However, there are people who are highly allergic and can experience severe throat swelling. But for most of us, experts say that OAS causes a really mild reaction and is more unpleasant than it is dangerous.

I can’t stand it when my throat feels itchy. But there are ways around it. First of all, you need to be able to identify which product it is that’s making your body react. You can actually avoid the sensation entirely and still eat the food.

Secondly, we recommend that you try heating up the fruit or vegetable. (Kind of like cooked apples or roasted aubergine.) By doing this, you are breaking down the protein and may tame the reaction. Experts encourage you to ask your doctor about specific allergy shots if you prefer eating the produce raw.

Which fresh produce makes your mouth and/or throat itchy?

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