Start Your Day With Motivation: 8 Ways To Wake Up Happier

6A.M. – the sun is barely up – and Melissa’s alarm bleats its wake-up call. She forces open her eyes and gets up to shut it up, falling back down into the covers and pressing her face into her pillow. There is no part of her that feels any motivation to get up right now – but she has no choice.

How often do our days start like this? Where we absolutely hate having to get up and only feeling any measure of motivation much later during our morning? If you are not naturally a morning person, there are several ways to wake up happier and get started on a day with purpose. Read on to find out how to enjoy motivation in the morning that will keep you going through your day.

1. Prepare for your coming day

If you can wake up to a morning where your outfit is fresh, ironed and ready, your meals are prepared ahead and packed, and your briefcase or laptop bag has been sorted and is standing waiting for you, you eliminate the stress of forgetting something important or worrying about what to wear. Take the time to make sure the things that need planning are ready for you when the alarm goes off.

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2. Place your alarm far away and stretch

By doing so, you are forced to get up, which puts you in the perfect position to stretch your body and get the blood flowing. After sleeping for 6-8 hours, your muscles need blood flow and movement, so enjoy a few moments of good stretches. This will undoubtedly make you feel happier as well, since stretching releases endorphins.

3. Drink a glass of cold water

Studies show a glass of water is more effective at waking you up than caffeine. This is because your brain gets activated when you hydrate, and if you get your first glass of water early on, you are well set to maintain good hydration right through the day.

4. Start with a better night’s rest.

The best way to wake up with purpose is to make sure you get the rest you need during the previous night. And that’s a topic on its own. Click here to find out how you can get better beauty sleep and wake up more refreshed.

5. Enjoy a quick shower and happy | Longevity LIVE

I’m sure we can all agree there are few things as effective at improving your mood as a good shower. You will feel clean, fresh and ready for a new day. Enjoy your favourite shower wash, body lotion and perfume or cologne, and your colleagues will thank you. Not just for your happy disposition, but also for adding a pleasant scent to the office. By playing your favourite upbeat music, your heart rate will go up and you will enjoy more motivation for your day – simple as that.

6. No screen time 3 hours before bed.

Blue light is a bad idea when your brain needs to shut down. By avoiding your phone, laptop or television a couple of hours before you go to bed, you will enjoy better quality sleep, which will add to a day with more purpose and motivation.

7. Make a list of 5 things you look forward to in your day

Even if it is as simple as your favourite lunch or meeting a friend for coffee later during the day, look for things that you will enjoy and list them the night before. Make it more driven by purpose and list the jobs you will finalise during the day, and tick them off as you finish them. This will also contribute to better productivity, and if repeated, continual success at work.

8. Smile for better motivation

This may seem simple, but studies show that simply smiling, even if you don’t initially feel happy, can change your mood for the better. Think about things you are thankful – like the two presents you opened when you opened your eyes after a night’s rest – and do a little happy-dance to start off the day on a purposeful note.

Find out what works for you and what your body needs when it comes to morning motivation – all you need to do is decide to have a happier morning and it will eventually become part of your routine.