5 Reasons To Go For That Eye Examination

Say it with us, prevention is better than…? Right, cure. That is because, especially when it comes to your eyes and your eyesight, some damage cannot be undone. For the same reason, it is not a good idea to keep on putting off that eye examination, which you are recommended to have around every two years.

With approximately 120 million people worldwide experiencing low vision – due to uncorrected eye problems – it’s vital to prioritise eye health. An eye examination doesn’t only test your vision, it also checks for any eye injuries, abnormalities and early signs of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Still not convinced? All right, let’s get down to it. Mellins i-Style, a leading national chain of optometrists, provides 7 reasons why you should look after your eyes and have regular eye examinations:

1. Your eyes won’t always give you signals when things are off.

Unlike tooth ache, your eyes don’t necessarily ache when something is wrong. This means you are unlikely to detect that your eyes need to be treated or that you need help, and you will miss the opportunity to have it corrected in time.

2. You won’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Those of us who enjoy normal eyesight wake up every morning and don’t even think about the fact that we just opened two mightily powerful lenses, the likes of which technology still cannot replicate. Neither do we consider that, should you lose your eyesight, it may never be reversed. In this case, prevention may be all you have to work with.

3. It can provide clues on the rest of your health

Optometrists are often the first health care professionals to detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. So consider it a two-in-one checkup.

4. The earlier, the better

If an optometrist can detect a problem early on, the patient has a much better chance of getting successful treatment, which can minimise the damage to his or her eyesight.

5. Good vision allows a better quality of life.

Ask anyone who used to enjoy good vision and now cannot see well or even suffers from blindness – your eyesight is a privilege you need to protect. The majority of activities, from being able to perform your job, to enjoying sports or spending time outdoors, reading a book, watching a movie – the list can go on – requires you to use your eyesight. Without it, your quality of life will be significantly diminished.

“Optometrists generally recommend that most people should get their eyes tested every two years,” advises Andre Horn, senior optometrist and MD of Mellins i-Style. However, in some circumstances, they may recommend more frequent eye examinations especially if you:

  • are a child wearing spectacles
  • have diabetes
  • are older than 40 years and have a family history of glaucoma
  • are aged 70 and older

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Want to find out more?

We all want to lives that promotes optimal health, which is why it is important to stay in tune with your health in all aspects. A good way to make sure you don’t miss anything that could slip through is by setting up a calendar that will remind you to have your health check-ups. Depending on your healthcare provider, your pocket could benefit as well, since healthcare companies consider these checkups a great way to prevent serious disease and health issues. Click on the link to find out how to set up your check-up calendar in order to tick all the boxes.