Make every day a Mandela Day

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On Sunday, 13 July 2014, Dermalogica South Africa, along with staff members from Longevity magazine, Elle SA and Stuff magazine paid homage to Mr Nelson Mandela, a true South African hero and legend, by dedicating our efforts to the Kaya FM 67KM Relay for Mandela Day. Our efforts went towards raising funds for our FITE initiative which empowers the organisation, ‘These Numbers Have Faces.’ These funds will be used to empower future women leaders.

The Kaya FM 67KM Relay for Mandela Day in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation is a corporate relay challenge event in honour of Nelson Mandela Day, with the aim of making our great nation aware of its social responsibility as well as enabling the upliftment of those less fortunate.

Under the Dermalogica and FITE banner, 21 teams made up of 210 runners took to the streets in Waterfall Estate, Johannesburg to run at total of 1407 kilometres, whilst raising funds for a fantastic organisation.

The These Numbers have Faces organisation ( has become an important part of  Dermalogica’s  local FITE journey as they truly believe in and uphold all the values that Dermalogica holds at their core. They’re a non-profit organisation that invests in the students of Africa to lead and empower their countries.  Their mission… is to invest in students to lead and empower their countries as they believe every student has the power to build a hopeful future.

FITE gives girls the knowledge to succeed as entrepreneurs. Dermalogica believes investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty, bolster poor communities, and foster economic growth and stability.  And we were proud to be part of this initiative as our team of 10, comprising of staff from Longevity, Elle SA and Stuff, took to the streets to our bit for #MandelaDay.

What have you dedicated your 67 minutes to? It doesn’t necessarily have to be today, because, like Dermalogica, Fite and These Numbers have Faces organisation, we believe that every day should be Mandela Day.

– Kim Bell, managing editor


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