Older Women Are Setting The Wellness Trends In 2017

In news no-one expected, older women are now behind the latest health crazes that younger people want to copy. And we love it! It’s time for a new health and wellness paradigm. It is time to let go of old thinking about who will  engage with health and wellness products, services and experiences. It’s about time we all started embracing the more diverse and free natured society of the 21st century.

Older Women Embrace A Post-Demographic World

2017 is a post-demographic world. We are obsessing over instant gratification, status and achievement like never before.

Older Women [Longevity Live]
HANGZHOU, CHINA – NOVEMBER 08: More than 2,000 people perform line dance at West Lake Culture Square on November 8, 2014 in Hangzhou, China.
The tech savvy environment is daunting to some. But, a lot of consumers and brands are embracing this. They are creating tech startups that are rapidly influencing health and wellness.

Entrepreneur Zhang Zhiwei launched an app in March 2015 called Public Dance Classics. This app is inspired by public square dancing, which is an activity that’s becoming a national phenomenon in China.

The app is free and allows anybody to learn how to do the most popular forms of dancing. Groups of older women frequently perform these dances in public areas. The app is including videos with instructions for 30 different dances. The videos even include 12 government-approved routines.The app received over 50 000 downloads when it was first released. The stats show us that these are some very popular women.

So Why Are Older Women Used In This Tech-Startup?

These ladies are involving themselves in  the ‘new-world’ of health, fitness older women [longevity live]and technology. And young people are now quickly learning a thing or two about fitness from older generations. It may seem funny. But, the app is receiving millions in financial backing from the Wuhan Economic Development Group and  The Dreamchaser Fund.


What Are The Reasons For Older Women In Wellness?

1.The tech savvy world is spreading information at rapid speeds.

2. Social Media is influencing older women about health and wellness and not only young people.

3. Older women now have endless choice and access to new things.

4. Older women are starting to involve themselves in the new fitness trends.

5. Old social conventions are disappearing and new markets are starting to develop.

What Does The App Have In-store?older women [longevity live]

This app is closing the gap between old and young consumers. Older women are showing us that staying fit and healthy in a tech savvy world is important to them.

Public Dance Classics is also going to increase its variety. The app is focusing on developing more social interaction between the older women and the users. It may be most popular in China, but soon it will be promoted worldwide.

Zhang Zhiwe is now on a mission to involve different cultures and cities in the app, giving older women around the world the opportunity to take part in something which promotes health in a contemporary way.

So How Can You Get Involved In the Trend?

Here are a few ways for you to embrace post-demographic betterment in 2017:

  1. Follow health influencers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here, you can find out all you need to know about the latest apps in health and wellness.
  2. Subscribe to fitness, health and motivation channels on YouTube.
  3. You can access free health apps that are suitable for all ages on Google Play – download one today. These apps include; My Fitness Pal, Sworkit and ActiveX. They offer young people and older women or men- community nutrition trackers, fitness videos and wellness programmes.

There you have it. No matter your age, keeping fit and healthy in a fast-paced, technologically driven world is a possibility.


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