Your recipe for relationship success

Finding your recipe for intimacy
Finding your recipe for intimacy

Experts reveal that open communication, mental wellbeing and a healthy sex life all contribute to relationship success. Recently released Justice Department’s 2012 – 2013 annual report reveals that the divorce rate in South Africa has increased by 28%. Research shows that the lack of communication accounts for 70% of all relationship woes, while the lack of sexual intimacy also ranks high.

Local pharmacist and complementary medicines expert, Giulia Crisuolo, shares that a happy relationship takes effort: “As a couple, it’s important you and your partner address communication and sexual intimacy – which are inter-linked – openly, with kindness and with patience.”

And have a healthy wellbeing and emotional state is beneficial in coping with both emotional issues and relationship difficulties:

Crisuolo offers these tips:

1.  Get enough sleep: At least seven to eight hours a night to function optimally

2. Eat healthily: What you eat affects energy and mood.

3.  Exercise: helps relieve stress. Aim for 30 minutes a day.

4. Get sunlight every day: At least 15 minutes a day. It helps lift your mood.

5.  Limit alcohol & avoid cigarettes and drugs: Stimulants make you feel good short term but have negative long term health consequences.

6. A healthy sex life is good for the heart and mood.

7. Build self-esteem by helping others.

8.  Stop focusing on worry and unhealthy thoughts which drain energy and cause depression. Instead, practice positive affirmation.

9.  Try something new such as learning a language or travelling.

10.  Spend time in nature and explore art – this may reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

11. Listen to music, get a massage and appeal to the rest of your senses to stay calm

12. Caring for a pet has shown to help lift mood.

13. Do something that feels good every day. Read a book, talk to a friend or take a walk.

14. Start a gratitude diary. Try mediation, prayer or being still for ten minutes every day.

15. Hug your partner – it feels good & boosts intimacy.

16. Seek professional help if you are depressed, struggling to sleep or anxious.

Criscuolo adds that a good mental health, coupled with a supportive and loving attitude, is essential for a happy relationship. And, open communication is the first step to resolving difficulties, including those relating to sexual intimacy, such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Also known as impotence, ED is on the rise among men of all ages – often leading to low self-esteem and strained relationships when the foundations are shaky – to find out more about natural treatment options, visit