Improve Sperm Count By Eating More Tomatoes

Improve sperm count with a compound that’s found in tomatoes. The compound is known as lycopene and may well improve sperm quality. Famous for improving skin, lycopene is also fantastic for reproduction. According to studies, lycopene boosts sperm shape and speed.

If men could improve sperm quality it would resolve a lot of relationship complications. It’ll also help men feel more confident in the long run. A discovery like this might transform the outlook for men with fertility problems. Therefore, we will be able to reduce the damaging impact of modern living on reproductive health. Research says that approximately 40 to 50 percent of infertility is due to the males’ sperm.

Interesting, because in the past for some reason people were quick to blame the woman. This is not always the case. That’s why scientists conducted the first-ever double-blind randomized controlled trial. Scientists assessed the impact of giving men a dietary compound called LactoLycopene. What did they discover? They learned that it’s possible to increase the proportion of healthy shaped sperm (sperm morphology). As well as boosting’fast swimming’ sperm by about 40 percent.

Improve Sperm Count For Healthy Children

There are many reasons why a guy might have to improve sperm quality. However, much research today claims that oxidative stress is a massive cause. This is why it is highly valuable to supplement your diet with tons of antioxidants to help treat infertility. To improve sperm structure and speed, you need antioxidants like vitamins E, C, and carnitines. All of this will help in reducing oxidative stress by quenching free radicals.
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However, there’s not much research about the effectiveness of carotenoids, especially lycopene. But we are certain that it is beneficial to our health. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant and singlet oxygen quencher.

What Is Lycopene And How Does It Improve Sperm?

This compound is an antioxidant that is found in various fruits and vegetables. However, the main source of our diets comes from tomatoes. Unfortunately, our bodies do not absorb lycopene very well. This is why scientists chose to use LactoLycopene, a commercial supplement, for their study.

Almost half of all infertility cases are due to ‘male factor’ infertility.

improve sperm [longevity live]

Scientists are confident that the new discovery could work for males with diagnosed infertility issues.

The study involved a 12-week trial involving 60 healthy volunteers aged 19 to 30. Researcher Liz Williams, a human nutrition specialist at the University of Sheffield, explains what they did. The study was small and they needed to repeat the work in bigger trials. However, the results are very encouraging. Liz says the next step is to repeat the exercise in men with fertility problems. They will then see if LactoLycopene can improve sperm quality for those men and whether it helps couples conceive and avoid invasive fertility treatments.

CAPTION: Professor Allan Pacey and Dr Liz Williams (centre) with their team at the University of Sheffield : CREDIT: FutureYou Cambridge

Lycopene is not only good for improving sperm. It’s an amazingly healthy and beneficial nutrition supplement. Lycopene is also an anti-inflammatory compound that can help clogged pores and breakouts. Who loves tomatoes? If not, you probably do now. According to skincare experts, lycopene or eating lycopene-rich foods can also help promote heart health, protect from cancer, boost eyesight, reverse signs of aging and protect the skin from sun damage.

Improve Sperm That’s Damaged

As I said, the study happened over 12 weeks.  Lead researcher  Dr. Williams says she used 60 healthy volunteers aged 19 to 30. She explains that half took LactoLycopene supplements and the other half took an identical placebo (a dummy pill) every day for 12 weeks. However, the volunteers and the researchers didn’t know who was receiving the LactoLycopene treatment and who was receiving the placebo. They collected sperm and blood samples at the beginning and end of the trial. Men, don’t give up because this might be a way to help you improve sperm health.improve sperm [longevity live]

Researchers say they didn’t really expect that at the end of the study there would be any difference in the sperm from men who took the tablet versus those who took the placebo. But as soon as they saw the results, they nearly fell off their chairs. Apparently, the improvement in morphology, size, and shape of the sperm was dramatic. To see if they could improve sperm, the researchers used a computer system to make the measurements. As a result, there is not much room for human error. Moreover, the person using the computer also didn’t know who had taken LactoLycopene and who had taken the dummy pills.

We have every reason to believe that lycopene can improve sperm quality. Doctors now want to learn more about lycopene and how else it can help us other than being able to improve sperm. Who knew that tomatoes would be the secret to life? 

Too Much Stress To Improve Sperm

By stress, we mean oxidative stress in the body. This is usually triggered by inflammation and a lot of external factors or free radicals can worsen this in humans. And for men, their fertility is at stake. Although this was a small study, scientists do need to repeat the work in bigger trials. The results to help improve sperm are very encouraging. According to the researchers, the next step is to repeat the study in men with existing fertility problems. They will then test if LactoLycopene can increase sperm quality for those men. This will also establish if it can help couples conceive and avoid invasive fertility treatments.improve sperm [longevity live]

The team, which included three other researchers Madeleine Park, Aisling Robinson, and Sophie Pitt, hopes to start the new study as soon as possible. We do know that lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant. What we don’t know is exactly why. Researchers want to know the exact mechanism that makes Lycopene so beneficial.

In addition, the results clearly demonstrate that lycopene can potentially inhibit the damage caused by oxidation of sperm. This is life-changing because it’ll improve sperm and prevent fertility problems. Doctors believe this antioxidant effect is key to helping improve sperm quality seen in the trial. And yes, lycopene is present in tomato paste and sauces too.

However, the men used in the study were very healthy and didn’t necessarily have infertility issues. The results just showed that there were some improvements to their reproductive abilities. A lot more research needs to be done to ensure that lycopene has the capability to truly improve sperm in men who have existing infertility problems.

Still, we advise that you include more tomatoes into your diet because you’ll also benefit from lycopene’s amazing skin health and sun protection benefits.

A tomato rich diet also helps protect against prostate cancer.  Read more.

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