A Getaway Could Be The Key To Happier Workers

A getaway or retreat sounds good, because who doesn’t want to go on a holiday when you’re meant to be at work, right? We all love a decent break from work. A rejuvenating retreat is the perfect way to restore your energy and find ways to unwind once again. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how to relax fully, which often adds to your workload pressures and stresses.

Sending your colleagues away on a much-needed break can drastically improve their productivity and success rate because they’ll return feeling amazing! There’s a big trend in company retreats at the moment. Many corporations in the business world are looking at sending their employees to a team building or rejuvenation company getaway. Both small and large companies are trying to host annual retreats for their staff to increase their level of productivity. None of us are aliens and we all need a break to work optimally.

I think most corporations have realised this. What’s the point of sending our wounded soldiers to war?

Besides not only do you getaway from work stress, your employees get the chance to escape their home life pressures for a bit as well. It’s very easy for these issues to start consuming us.

Take a quick look at why a wellness retreat can help boost your business’s success.

Company Getaway Retreats For Success

These trips allow both you and your team to take some much-needed time to rest and recuperate. That and there are plenty of long-term benefits that you and your company will gain too.

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Stronger Relationships

Since these are the people you see every day and work with. You need to understand them, how they work and who they are on both a professional and personal level.

A lot of the time it’s difficult trying to establish meaningful relationships in the work environment for many reasons. Factors like stress, competition, rivalry, deadlines, insecurities etc all come into play. In addition, most staff members find themselves so engulfed in their own deadlines and responsibilities that they struggle to interact with. However, a company getaway retreat, removes all those problems and gives staff the freedom to connect with their fellow employees in peace. In fact, research reports that business retreats encourage close bonding, which increases trust and communication between employees.

This research also refers to The McKinsey Global Institute study which found that productivity increases by 20-25% in companies with connected employees. The stats are amazing! This means that when you allow employees the opportunity to learn about each other, you will experience a massive boost in productivity. That means fewer missed project deadlines and overdue tasks.

Improving Physical Health

We see this a lot with people working corporate jobs. The pressures and office environments or late hours don’t exactly leave much time for exercise or walks on the beach. On top of this we still need to worry about our families, home life, relationships and personal time as we start going crazy with things to do. This makes healthy a very messy aspect in our lives.

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Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help a thing either and with little activity it can cause many health problems. This is why a company getaway retreat allows employees the opportunity to target their physical health for long-term benefits. It does depend on the kind of retreat you choose, but most of it involves some kind of movement or general fitness and nutrition advice. This helps staff make healthier decisions when they return to their normal lives.

Happier Mindset

I’ll be honest, mental health is everything in life no matter how many vegetables you eat or fitness classes you attend.

Due to extremely stressful situations at work, you can end up with a colourful array of mental health issues at the end of it. They sneak up on you. That’s why taking a break and revitalising your emotional and mental state can really help.  Going on a mindful retreat provides you with the tools and the time to reflect and learn relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and journaling. These are all very useful techniques to help you deal with stress for the rest of your life.

Confidence And Productivity

The first thing you will notice after sending your staff on a retreat is their willingness to interact and work harder because they feel rested and confident. They know each other better and are more open to engaging or making new suggestions to projects.

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Communication will sky-rocket. Trying to communicate properly at all times with employees gets tiring and often dwindles away under the heaps of tasks to do. However, a company getaway retreat gives you the face time you need with your employees. You can engage with them properly. These retreats give people time to bond with one another and break unnecessary barriers down. Employees will be able to work better together because they feel more comfortable with each other. 

Better relationships mean there is less conflict at work, less stress and anxiety and more productivity.

It’s a fantastic way to:

  • Share new company goals.
  • Provide a vision for the new year.
  • Discuss issues and figure out ways to resolve them.
  • Offer an open environment for employees to discuss their thoughts. 

This way everybody feels as if they’re being heard and valued. An honest and appreciated environment is kindest. 

There are many ways your company can introduce company getaway retreats. You can offer them as an incentive, or a reward, and even as an annual event. Have fun with them! Try to use them as a chance to escape, explore and learn life skills for better health and productivity.  

You will notice the benefits in yourself, your employees and your entire organisation.

Let’s talk about whether procrastinating might bring us some kind of advantage. There must be a reason behind why we all do it.