A loving touch increase a sense of self

A loving touch or a reassuring caress may be much more than an indicator of love and affection; a new study in the journal Frontiers of Psychology suggests that receiving this kind of touch could help to increase a sense of self.

The study, conducted by researchers from University College London and the University of Hertfordshire, tested how touch is linked with perception of one’s own body. Researchers found that affective touch, which is a slow, loving touch, plays a role in helping our brain to understand the body and sense of self.

As affective touch is typically received from a loved one; these findings further highlight how close relationships involve behaviors that may play a crucial role in the construction of a sense of self,” study researcher Laura Crucianelli said in a statement. The study also found that positive physical touch could also improve health, as a simple act such as cuddling has shown a decrease in blood pressure, due to oxytocin.

Now there is even more reason to be loving, kind and gentle around those you love and care about.