Fragrance of the Month: Calvin Klein Women Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the variousness of femininity, the new fragrance from Calvin Klein embraces the collective individuality that unites all women.

About the fragrance

In embracing the diversity of femininity, Calvin Klein Women Eau De Parfum combines a range of unique blends that provide a fresh and floral savor. Also, while it maintains this olfactory expression, the fragrance does provide an intense and resinous scent.   

Women was born out of the desire to celebrate both the plurality as well as the individuality of femininity today,” explained former chief creative officer of Calvin Klein, as well as the creator of the fragrance, Raf Simons. “It’s a message of unity and inspired strength.

As a scent, the fragrance uses fresh eucalyptus acorns for its top notes. Delicate orange flower petals are used for the middle notes before a rich Alaskan cedar wood takes root as the base. Also, to emphasize the diversity of each woman, Simons combined black pepper and lemon Sfuma with a blend of Magnolia Grandiflora and Jasmine Absolute along with Olibanum essential oil and Ambrox Super.

The message behind it

In a growing climate that continues to encourage multifaceted elements of femininity, the Calvin Klein Women scent was created for an inherently diverse woman who has no issue with reinventing herself as often as she sees fit.

In embracing individuality as well as the unity that each woman brings, Calvin Klein created the CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN campaign. This is an initiative that celebrates both the iconic women of the past and our current female trailblazers.

The campaign stars Hollywood actresses Lupita Nyong’o and Saris Ronan – thespians that have been applauded for, in addition to their strength and character, their innate ability to channel different film roles. In turn, in the spirit of womanhood,  the two women shared which past figures and icons of femininity had inspired and shaped their identity as women. Lupita chose singer Eartha Kitt and Hollywood icon Katharine Hepburn. Saris cited actress Sissy Spacek and musical icon Nina Simone as her source of feminine inspiration.

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Additionally, for the artwork displayed on the fragrance’s bottle, artist Anne Collier drew inspiration from the beauty, expressiveness, and power of a woman’s gaze.

Why I like it

I’m not a big fan of perfumes however I enjoyed this fragrance because of the story it tells.

Upon application, the fragrance provides a fresh and floral aroma before settling into a woody scent. With strong staying power, this fragrance is appropriate for daily use as well as an evening out. Are you looking for something elegant and sensual? With a hint of female sexuality? If so, this is the fragrance for you.

You can purchase the fragrance for R1060 at Clicks