Co-working Spaces: A New Age In The Working World

Innovations in the working world are beginning to shape our productivity and how we work – particularly with the growing trend of co-working spaces.

While working from home does sound appealing for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses, doing so can bring its own share of small disturbances. Also, these individuals would prefer the structure of a work-based office. Unfortunately, they are not in favor of the expenses that come with it. Thankfully, the introduction of innovative office spaces helps to balance out these two dilemmas.

Benefits of co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are areas in which one can go work amongst like-minded people in a work-structured atmosphere. Aside from freelancers and entrepreneurs, small businesses have also begun to adopt these spaces, thanks to the benefits they can bring. 

Boosted productivity

According to a 2015 Harvard Business Review piece, working in a co-working space can help to boost productivity (1).

Co-working spaces help to provide workers with a high level of autonomy. Furthermore, they also allow for them to be surrounded by like-minded hardworking professionals. The autonomy alleviates work-related stress whereas the community of professionals offers a structured and disciplined mindset. Hence, both of these factors then lead to increased productivity.

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One study published in the online publication Deskmag found that, out of a survey of  661 professionals from two dozen nations,  85% of those individuals felt more motivated to do their jobs and complete tasks. A separate study also found that co-working offices helped to boost productivity by 64% as well as boost confidence by 90%.

Community and network development

While the life of a freelancer can often be lonely, co-working spaces provide the opportunity to be part of a community and to grow your network.

Co-working spaces are used by a variety of people thus they offer one the chance to grow their network as well as receive insight into the corporate world through expert opinion. Additionally, by engaging with these people, individuals can grow their clientele.


Growing as an entrepreneur can definitely rack up a few bills, especially in terms of office facilities.

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Thankfully, co-working spaces offer all the necessary office utilities at a much lower cost. In fact, co-working offices can reduce a small company’s spending habits by up to 75% (2).

Improved wellbeing

It’s often said that the life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one. As a result, your mental well-being may suffer which, in turn, affects your productivity.

Luckily, co-working spaces provide social interactions, leaving one happy and energized. 

Want to know more?

While co-working spaces can help boost productivity – they may not do much for your health. Unfortunately, a lot of the habits we adopt in the workplace can be quite detrimental to our health. Click here to find out which healthy habits you can embrace to keep yourself healthy both in and out of the office.