Entrepreneurs Need All The Motivation They Can Get

Entrepreneurs need to continuously motivate themselves to reach ambitious goals and successful levels in their businesses. But it is not always so easy. To have the courage to take a plunge into entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.

Those who are just starting out need to muster up more motivation than others. Even the bravest and most hardcore entrepreneurs struggle with maintaining motivation. And we are only human beings. Of course, there are days when frustration, anger and heartache steal every drop of motivation you have left.

The more motivated you are, the more forward-moving momentum you’ll have. Remaining motivated is vital, whether you’re striving to reach a business goal, starting a new venture, or managing the day-to-day operations of your business.

Either way, you do not want a lack of motivation as it can eat away at your confidence and hurt your potential for success.

Entrepreneurs Need To Find Their Why

If you feel like you’re hitting the slump, then use these tips to help climb your way up to the top of the motivation mountain again.

Let me ask you something first. Why did you become an entrepreneur, to begin with? Did you choose it because of personal satisfaction, creative independence, a favorable work-life balance, or desire to change the world? You need to be honest with your answer. Finding your ‘why’ is key for entrepreneurs who want to remain motivated.

entrepreneurs need [longevity live]I know life never really goes according to plan. And as soon as you think you have a smooth plan, you hit a bump in the road. The constant fight gets draining and can prevent you from moving forward. If you are feeling stuck, then start pondering over the things that get you up in the mornings.

Maybe you decided to go solo because you have a burning passion within. That’s amazing, because so many people do not possess such a thing.  Or, do you rather want to share your skills with the world? It could even be that you just crave more meaning in your life.

Whatever your reasons may be, establishing what your ‘why’ is, helps you remember why you chose to start your business in the first place. If you can remember this, then you can use your ‘why’ to support, guide and push you forward when you feel like you can’t carry on.

What’s Your Personal Mission?

In every business plan you’ve been taught to do, there is always a vision and a mission statement. I hope you’ve got one because the mission and vision are the most important. They describe the goals, culture, and core values of your business. However, I care about your personal mission. This matters even more. Have you created a personal mission statement?

Entrepreneurs need to have their own purpose for becoming an entrepreneur, which stems from the ‘why.’ A great way to keep your personal mission in mind is to literally write it down. You must then take your note and stick it up on something you look at often. For example, you can use your pc, fridge, desk wall or bedroom mirror.

Stick To A Routine

If you’re feeling a little inconsistent lately, it might mean that you’re in need of a new routine. I think we highly underestimate the power of creating and maintaining a routine. When you have a routine you aren’t aimlessly wandering around. More importantly, it helps you achieve goals.

entrepreneurs need [longevity live]

So, if your goal is to contact a new brand to collaborate with or set up your website, then set a task to do every day towards achieving that goal by the end of the week.

The concept is pretty basic, but doing this in practice is not always so easy. Every day you must have something you need to complete for your startup. If those to-dos are in your schedule, then you can cross them off. This means that you’re completing a daily goal.

Never underestimate those small victories.

Remember To Have Fun

I am sure you’re a pretty hard worker. You wouldn’t be riding the solo train if you weren’t. Just remember that it’s okay to schedule in a little time off to do nothing but what makes you feel good. You probably have loads of deadlines and routines, but don’t forget to allow yourself time for fun. Perhaps you could ‘leave’ work early on a Friday so you can have dinner with friends. Or maybe you can go on a hike on a Wednesday afternoon.

There is nothing wrong with doing something that you enjoy doing, especially if it’s not work-related. Eradicate your feelings of guilt right now! These days where you allow for fun time actually energize you. You’ll get fresh perspectives and be reminded of why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

Try your best to incorporate a couple of hours of ‘me’ time each week. Of course, things do pop up, but you must block out time for things that you enjoy.

Get Outside The Comfort Zoneentrepreneurs needs [longevity live]

Following a routine is important, but it is okay to change it up every now and then. You don’t want to find yourself stuck doing the same things day-in and day-out. This is the fastest way to losing motivation.

For example, if you want to have five blog posts written by Friday, then why not bump that deadline up to Wednesday? Or maybe try working in a new environment today. Take your free time and use it to enhance your strengths, skills, and talents.

Entrepreneurs Need Rewards

There is research to show that most of our world’s top achievers are motivated because of the rewards they receive. They found that perceived self-interest, the rewards one believes are at stake, is the most significant factor in predicting dedication and satisfaction toward work. The reward accounts for about 75 percent of personal motivation toward accomplishment.

If you’ve managed to cross off something on your list, go and celebrate with an afternoon snack or lunch with friends. These are incentives that’ll help you achieve long-term goals.

Make Your Environment Inspiring

Do not let your environment become dull. Not even for a second.  Entrepreneurs need to try and read biographies, motivational quotes, listen to TedTalk videos and chat regularly with your support system. Whenever you start to feel your motivation depleting, stop, and turn to your inspiration.

There is always going to be times when your presentation or brand won’t be responded to as well as you had hoped. And this is a struggle hundreds of entrepreneurs face. But, it is how you learn and grow to avoid another setback.

Build A Vision Board

This is a tool that really helps me and all entrepreneurs need to try it.

You can collect images, or jot down quotes or words of inspiration and even ideas and stick them all onto a board. Keep this vision board close to you. Whether it’s at your desk or in your bedroom. Look at it and add to it every day.

It could be a look at what your life will look like in 5 years time or perhaps the tropical island you’ve always dreamed of living on. Or maybe you want a new car or a better house…stick it on there!

Do you know exactly what you want your business to look like in the future? Write about it, then stick it on the board. This just builds upon something that will motivate you every single time you look at it. Anytime you’re feeling down, return to the board and spend time looking at everything in there.

You won’t want to waste a second longer, dwelling.entrepreneurs need [longevity live]

Get More Sleep Time

All entrepreneurs need more sleep!

This one always seems to pop up. You know why? Because it is often what makes or breaks you. I know, I am too guilty of not getting in enough sleep time. Especially when I am flooded with tasks. However, if you do not prioritize it at some stage, you’ll crash and burn.

Crazy people like Elon Musk work some insane amount of hours, like 80 hours a week. You’re going to put in a ton of hours to boost your startup. It’s a given. But, you cannot sacrifice your sleep for the sake of your startup.

Research shows that sleep deprivation impairs attention and working memory. It also affects other functions, such as long-term memory and decision-making. It’s okay to do the late night grind every now and then. And it is easier said than done, particularly when you’ve got hundreds of ideas and problems swirling around your mind. If you can try to create a sleep schedule and always incorporate exercise into your day. This will help you sleep better at night.

Develop Resilience

There are going to be many setbacks along the way. Entrepreneurs need to develop a tough skin. I hate to break it to you, but there’s a good chance that failure is going to happen. Instead of letting these hurdles consume you, learn how to recover and come back stronger.

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