Why You Should Use Bulgarian Bags Like Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry’s Instagram page is a fitness realm filled with images of the actress working out alongside her trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Each post displays a new chapter in her fitness journey and her latest post showed her working out with gym equipment that Thomas had recently introduced her to – Bulgarian bags.

Bulgarian bags were originally used by Olympic wrestlers, but they were soon adopted into the fitness world. While they’re similar to sandbags, Bulgarian bags are actually much more comfortable and they have different handling options, which enhances their versatility.

If the image of the Academy Award-winning actress and her trainer isn’t reasoning enough as to why you should pick up a Bulgarian bag, read on for a few of its benefits.

A stable core

A stable core is important because it not only enhances sports performance, but it also helps to prevent injuries as well as release any unnecessary tension on the spine. A strained spine can cause extreme back pain as well as a decreased range of motion in the joints. Thankfully, the use of Bulgarian bags can help to prevent this.

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Improved grip strength

Aside from working out your core, carrying Bulgarian bags will also give your fingers a great workout.

Due to their weight, Bulgarian bags need to be held tightly and this then boosts your hand strength. Improved hand strength can be transferred to everyday life and this is yet another reason why Bulgarian bags are a great form of functional fitness

It is versatile

As mentioned in Halle Berry’s Instagram photo, Bulgarian bags can be used in variety of different exercises. They can be implemented in squats, deadlifts and other forms of cardio exercises.

Using Bulgarian Bags

If you’re ready to implement Bulgarian bags into your routine but you’re not sure where to start, Peter Lee Thomas shared a few suggestions to SELF.com.

When choosing your bag, Thomas suggests that you begin with a light bag around 9kg (20lbs) before moving your way up to bags of different weights. Once you’ve selected your bag, Thomas reiterates that using it with simple exercises such as squats and overhead presses will reap benefits. Other exercise variations Thomas recommends include:

  • Swinging the bag between your legs
  • Draping it over your chest “like a baby bib” and performing sit-ups to overhead presses.
  •  Put it on top of your feet and perform sit-ups in place of a partner holding your feet.
  • Draping it over one shoulder and performing a set of lunges on that leg, then switching sides.

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