Jumping Into A Simple Lifestyle Could Save You

Jumping from a really high-end, flashy and lavish lifestyle to a simple one is not something that many of us can do. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better things for yourself, but sometimes these material things are all we can focus on. Imagine living a lifestyle where you feel 100% content. You no longer feel as if you’re missing out or wanting more.

Making the choice to live a simpler life is not an easy one. It takes thought and desire. I know after making a decision like this myself, there’s no jumping back. Everybody has a choice though. The paths you take, the words you say, the jobs you accept, and the money you spend is all linked to the simple choices you made.

You are in control of how you live daily. Therefore, you do not need to stick to a set of rules. Everything you’re experiencing now goes back to one decision followed by many others. However, what makes me sad is the fact that all of our choices are rarely made to live a simple life.

Jumping From Flashy To Simplistic

If there is one thing we are all certain of is the unpredictable and short nature of life. Yet, most of us are constantly trying to discover the secret to living the perfect life. Why? When in actual fact there is none. But, having said that. Wouldn’t it be life-changing to just live a simple and a peaceful life?

A life without unnecessary stress, debts and complications? The problem stems from the digital craze we currently live in. This generation is only concerned with getting the latest technologies and what matters most to many people is how famous or rich they are. I mean if this is what rules the meaning and happiness you have within your life.jumping [longevity live]

You’ll never be able to achieve a sustainable amount of it. This is because these material things are ever-changing and fleeting. There’s always something better and newer. These things should not be what defines you. I find it ironic because people are always complaining about their lives when they’re the ones who have chosen the path they’re on.

Admittedly, I am guilty of this too. People complain about having no money, or their horrible job, and their messy lives. But, they’re not doing anything about it. Even worse, most of them are trying to achieve an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. It makes sense why people desire this, but at the same tim you forget to really enjoy and appreciate the truly beautiful things life has to offer, You need to learn to live a little more.

By choosing to live simply, you’re choosing to enjoy and appreciate life. This choice will change your perspective about life and soon you’ll see that you can’t take material goods with you when you die. But you can keep a fulfilled, happy and peaceful life in your heart forever. The simpler the better.

Stop the rat race, it’s not a competition. Take things slower and learn to do what you actually want to do. Life will naturally simplify itself.

Changing The Conformist Cycle

When we’re in school we’re taught a set of life rules and steps to follow. Then we’re sent off into the world and we assume that there’s a specific way to handle things and continue through life. Whilst school teaches you many things, I do not think it teaches you how to live. That’s the special part that you get to figure out on your own.

Perhaps we’re taught to go to school, study at a renowned university, get a job, get married and have kids and then continue working a 9 till 5 grind day in and day out. Because it seems like the safer option, especially in terms of making money and maintaining a relatively comfortable lifestyle. jumping [longevity live]But, what freedom does this give you for yourself? What’s the rush? Why do you need to get through all these steps by a certain age or at a certain speed? That’s just it. There really isn’t a set rule and you can turn around at any point to say that none of it is what you want. And that’s okay too!

In fact, sticking with the conventional routine might be more detrimental to your health, stress levels, happiness, finances and psychology than anything else. Jumping into a simple life means changing how you carry yourself, how you treat others, living with fewer things, saying no to a busy schedule and living with the basics. It creates more time for self-reflection and discovery.

However, you need to be ready for the transition because it’s a big one. You need to say goodbye to mediocrity. What’s a life filled with burn out, stress and debts? You might have fewer things, but you’ll have a life full of purpose, joy, creativity, inspiration, and real happiness.

Here are a few things you can try to help simplify your life!

1. Take Time To Value Time

If there’s one thing we are certain of it is that time is infinite, and our lives are not. Time is also unpredictable and you can never be sure of what’s around the corner.

jumping [longevity live]

Who knows, human extinction could happen at any time. More importantly, it’s what you choose to do with the time you are given. I recommend setting an alarm and waking up early. Get into the routine of rising earlier. This way you have more time to get things you need and want to be done.

These things don’t have to be anything special. Stick to your usual morning to-do life, but take it a bit slower and enjoy every moment, When you’re drinking your coffee, take a moment to enjoy its warmth and smell. Clear your mind and breathe.

These little moments where you take time to stop and appreciate allow you to feel more relaxed and grateful for the finer things in life.

2. Figure Out What Matters

Now you know that time is vital, you need to learn what you must spend most of it on. The time you spend must be on things that have meaning to you. It can be your family, career, friends, pets and anything you cant live without. The problem is that too many of us value material things like cars, clothes and big houses over what actually matters.

One of the perks of jumping into a simple life is being able to identify the things that you can never get back. As opposed to being too busy making money and spending time with people who are living the same kind of life as you.

3. Create Your Own Happiness

When you choose to live a simple and peaceful life, you are able to live with meaning. Most people do not get to live like this, because they do not allow themselves to. This is your life, you have the ability to control it and make your own choices.jumping [longevity live]

Of course, everyone makes mistakes and you will have times where you make the wrong decisions. This is a given, but you deserve credit for trying. It is how you get back up on your feet that counts. If you find yourself unhappy with your lifestyle then it is time to do something to change it, Do not be afraid of change! Jumping into a simple life can help you see things from a wider and better perspective. You will be able to picture the world in a positive manner, with no more complaints,

I truly believe that jumping into a simple life will always be better than a lavish life. A lifestyle filled with love and contentment will always be happier than those who live a life of fortune just to be happy for a short while.

When it comes to a healthy eating lifestyle – everyone seems to have an opinion. This overflow of information might leave you feeling overwhelmed and having no clue as to where to start. This is a great place to start!