Kardashian Trainer Lacey Stone’s Holiday Health Tips

It being the holiday season, we all want to step back and just relax. It’s that time of the year where we let our hair down and enjoy a well-deserved break. However, with family dinners and holiday parties, your diet and health can take a backseat. Then again, just because you’re letting work and school go, doesn’t mean you should do the same with your health. Thankfully, Kardashian celebrity trainer as well as the fitness trainer on Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian Lacey Stone, shared easy tips with HollywoodLife on how you can maintain your health and fitness throughout this festive season.

1. Keep your energy up

Staying fueled and keeping your energy up throughout the day lessens the risk of overeating at dinner. Unfortunately, a lot of us are guilty of overindulging during the holidays.

“Do things with your family, go on walks, try to stay fuelled throughout the day. Because if you don’t, you’re going to overeat at dinner because the food is so good,”  Stone advises.

One sure way to keep your energy up throughout the day is to eat a well-balanced breakfast that has protein. Aside from eggs, protein-rich breakfasts include Greek yoghurt with fruits, delicious smoothies, a bowl of oatmeal and even granola parfaits. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and if you’re still not convinced, click here to see what happens when you skip it.

2. Stay hydratedglass of water | Longevity Live

Whether you’re going to be lounging by the beach or skiing in the Alps, it’s important to stay hydrated. Especially when you consider how much we tend to over-indulge on alcohol,

“To feel better in the morning, just be hydrated because alcohol dehydrates you,” adds Stone.

Aside from keeping a glass bottle of water close by, other ways in which you can ensure that you stay hydrated include adding small bits of fresh fruit to the bottle for flavour, drinking a glass before every meal, indulging in water-rich foods and drinking a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage.

3. Exercise is still a priority

Yes, you’re on holiday but that doesn’t mean that your fitness should take a back seat. Particularly when you consider how heavily we tend to overindulge at the dinner table,

“If you want to go crazy at dinner, then my suggestion would be plan a big workout the next day to balance it out”, Lacey Stone says. While you can use her virtual program to stay active, there are other ways to stay fit during the holidays.

If you’re going to be on the beach, there are plenty of effective beach exercises that you can do. These include walking lunges, the towel dust and beach crawls. If you’re going to be more of a couch potato during the holidays, then click here for fun exercises that you can do on the couch.

4. Don’t overindulge

The holidays are meant to be enjoyable but that doesn’t mean you need to overload your plate,

“If you want to really be strict about what you’re doing, then I would say enjoy the food, but have one serving,” Lacey Stone says, “Put everything on the plate but don’t stack it up to here and don’t make the plate big”

Another method of eating you can adopt is Hara Hachi Bu which is is a Japanese term that teaches one to eat until they are only 80% full. The term is mostly associated with Okinawa in Japan, which also happens to be a Blue Zone area. Inhabitants of the Blue Zone are healthy residents, virtually free of disease and who live to age 100 and beyond.  Hara Hachi Bu prevents overeating and this helps to reduce the risk of excess calories and weight gain. The foods consumed in Blue Zones are rich in fiber and other nutrients which quickly trigger feelings of satiety.

If you’re looking to live to age 100 and beyond, click here to see how you can create your own Blue Zone.

5. Mental health matters tooHammock relax | Longevity LIVE

The stress of relatives and others hounding you during the festive season can take a toll on your mental health. That being said, Stone assures you that you are allowed to take a step back from it all.

“I think that over the holidays, for me, it’s about mental health as well as physical health. I think women need to give themselves a break and make that a time to enjoy connecting with people that they love and really reminiscing on the year,” Lacey Stone says. “Get your rest, get your spirit back, fill that up, get that fit so you can turn 2019 into an awesome year.”

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