Make Your Workouts Fun & Worth It

For many of us, fitness entails a serious gym environment, which can be gruelling in many aspects. When your fitness lacks fun and playfulness, it’s very easy to find excuses not to train. Here are some workouts that not only are great for fitness, but are fun and entertaining as well.

Go For A Walk Or A Jog With A Friend

A treadmill may get your calorie count up and fill you in on TV, but being outside is a refreshing change of scenery. Plus, you get to catch up with each other’s news.

Take A Hike

A moderate hike not only spans a distance, but often takes in a vertical climb, which is great for additional cardio. Not to mention that hiking can be a beautiful and enriching experience. Just be sure to hike in a group, for safety (minimum three, in case of emergency). From all the workouts available, this is probably the simplest one.

Indulge In Some Pet Cardio

Do you have an energetic loyal companion who loves to get out? Our four-legged friends love to go for a trot and all sorts of other workouts. They benefit just as much from the activity as we do. Remember to keep them (and yourself) well hydrated.

Take A Bike Rideworkouts | longevity live

A stationary bike can keep you from the elements, but there is something about having the wind rush around your body. There are plenty of cycling groups to join – some specialising in on-road meets, and others who enjoy the slopes and ramps of the mountains.

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Take Up Swimming

This provides a total body workout. Playing around like a child, doing silly things such as somersaults, and making big splashes burn calories too.

Try Watersports

Some may not view skidding across the surface of water as fitness, but you may be surprised at how demanding jetskiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding can be.

Spend A Day At The Ice Rink

Snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating are very demanding, high-paced activities. A couple of hours will fly by without your even knowing. Plus this is a great family activity.

Act Like A Kid

Indulge in cool sports. Rollerblading and skateboarding require poise, balance and style – all of which take energy.

Play A Ball Sport

There are far too many to name, and most – if not all – require a combination of fitness, coordination and often teamwork.


Harvard Health compared the calories burned practising different sports – and the results are pretty interesting.