The Most Nutritious Country In The World Revealed

Beating the likes of France and Switzerland, Netherlands is the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food in the world. Interestingly, United States and Japan failed to make it into the top 20, according to Oxfam’s “Good Enough to Eat” index.

The Netherlands have created a good market that enables people to get enough to eat. Prices are relatively low and stable and the type of food people are eating is balanced,” said Deborah Hardoon, a senior researcher at Oxfam. “They’ve got the fundamentals right and in a way that is better than most other countries all over the world.”

Oxfam, a global development organization, ranked the nations on the availability, quality and affordability of food and dietary health. According Oxfam’s website,, around the world, one in eight people got to bed hungry each night – despite there being enough food. The reasons given include overconsumption, misuse of resources and waste. To better understand the challenges the world is facing, Oxfam compiled a snapshot of 125 countries, revealing the world’s best, and worst, places to eat.

Nutritious countries

The Netherlands came in tops, with Chad listed last of the 125 nations, behind Ethiopia and Angola. European countries dominated the top of the ranking but Australia squeezed into the top 12, tying with Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg at number 8. The United States and Japan failed to make it into the top 20. Overall South Africa rates 67 out of 125 countries listed.

Despite there being enough food Oxfam said the latest figures show 840 million people still go hungry every day. It called for changes in the way food is produced and distributed around the world.
“This index quite clearly indicates that despite the fact of there being enough food in the world we are still not able to feed everybody in all the countries around the world,” said Hardoon.

“If we had a more equal distribution of wealth and resources, and particularly food, this wouldn’t be a problem,” she added.

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