Are you ready to tone your legs and tummy with the Pilates Teaser?

In a previous article, we looked at an exercise that will prepare you for a Pilates Teaser. Today we look at the Pilates Teaser, and as stated before, it looks a lot easier to do than what it is. Get ready to do an intense exercise with a ‘ZEN FACE’.

The Pilates Teaser

The Pilates Teaser is another trademark Pilates exercise. It can be seen as the logo of many Pilates Studios. The Teaser works your abdominals as you curve your spine off of the mat and extends your legs out to 45°. I often notice that clients do not fully extend their knees. The importance of the knee extension is to encourage a good contraction in your thighs. If you can do anything to tone your thighs a little more, then this is one of those simple things. When you are up in your Teaser position, you will feel how your back muscles kick in to keep you up there. YAY, additional toning for you back too.

Think of achieving flow and thought throughout the movement. Link your mind to your body and feel what your body is doing every inch of the way. With that in mind, enjoy the deep flexion in your spine as your abdominals resist gravity when you roll back down onto your mat. Maybe give yourself a cheeky smile at the end when you realize you DID IT!

Breakdown of the teaserpilates | Longevity LIVE

The beauty of Pilates is that it always seems so effortless, however, when you get onto the mat or Pilates Equipment, you will realize that it is anything by effortless. It is synergistic coordination of the body in motion as it tones, mobilizes, and stretches all the areas that need just that.

Guess what? We will be looking at Teaser 2 and Teaser 3 real soon. So, if you thought that it cannot get more intense than this, you were wrong.

Pilates is not just for stretching and breathing. It is intense and the progression of the exercises allows us to see improvement in our body as we move. If you are ready to do the Teaser, then try and do between 4 – 10 of these every day. You will definitely see a huge improvement in the tone of your tummy and your legs. So, grab the mat, get down, have a conversation with yourself, and go for it. The more exercise you do like The Teaser, the stronger you will get, and the quicker you will see results. Not only will you look great, but you will feel amazing. Why? Because you will feel the strength settling into your body more and more each month. That is the beauty of consistency.

Please be aware that if you have any spinal injuries, you will need to get consent from your Health Care Professional in order to ensure that your safety comes first.


Inhale, lift your chest while you float your arms to your sides, exhale, roll up through the spine, extend the legs, inhale in the Teaser position and then exhale rolling back down to the starting position. Repeat this sequence 4 – 10 times and remember that you need to contract your abdominals as you exhale.

Take a mind-body journey with Pilates and Tanya Thompson. I would like to invite you to discover movements differently. Take this time to be still, feel, and embrace what your body has to offer you. This week we will be looking at how you can train your body in Pilates with the Pilates Teaser.

The focus of this exercise is to work your abdominals and spine effectively with your leg extended away from your body. Think, fully extended knees, legs pressing up against each other and a smooth flow in your spine. Think of creating really long movements with your limbs whilst transitioning from a deep curve in your spine to an extension in your spine. The movement should be calm, the exercise should look effortless and the intensity should be transferred throughout the body. As we embark on this Pilates journey, we will introduce you to both Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment repertoire. Enjoy!

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