5 minutes with Dr. Edlich’s Daughter Rachel Edlich

Rachel and Liz, based in the United States, are the daughters of Dr Richard F Edlich, a world renowned professor of plastic surgery. Their father is their inspiration, and they learnt the science of skincare from an early age. They have recently launched their radical skincare anti-aging range into the South African Market.

Our father,Dr Richard F Edlich, is a world-famous plastic surgeon who specialises in skin reconstruction.

Before the age of 10, we were working in our father’s lab, in the burn unit at the University of Virginia Hospital. Being exposed to some of the most extreme burn cases gave us a perspective of what is possible when you combine science, innovation, and the commitment to go above and beyond to make a difference. Years later, after Liz and I had created over 100 products for other brands, we felt compelled to get back into the lab. The stage in our lives, and what we were personally experiencing, led us to create a powerful anti-aging range, designed for our own needs and those of our friends. 

We grew up watching our father become an icon in his field, changing the landscape of medicine.

He was responsible for innumerable medical advances, including the creation of steri strips and dissolvable sutures, which dramatically reduced the risk for infection worldwide. Our father always told us, “to be a difference, you must make a difference”, so understanding the impact research and science made in his accomplishments, we believed that by having some of the best scientists in the skincare world, we could create a skincare line that would be that difference. 

The story of Radical Skincare is a personal one.

We were in LA and every conversation we had with our girlfriends, over lunch or dinner, would eventually get around to age, time flying by, hormones, and feeling helpless regarding the changes to our skin and bodies. Then the unthinkable happened: I developed rosacea after having my second child, and had red bumps all over my face. I was completely inflamed. I was on three types of medication that just made things worse. Liz turned 46 and realised that gravity was defying her. She looked in the mirror and felt like her skin wasn’t snapping back the way it used to. We decided that this was the perfect storm to develop a potent anti-aging skincare range that was suitable for sensitive skin like mine.

Our father has inspired many life lessons.

He taught us a sense of relativity: he achieved his accomplishments from his wheelchair, as he has multiple sclerosis. Watching him continue to write peer review journal articles by dictation, and not letting his situation stop him from dreaming, is truly inspirational. He showed us that anything is possible. If he can do this from his wheelchair, we believe that we have the ability to change the landscape of skincare.

Our parents gave us a strong moral compass that I try to instill in my children.

I believe that we all choose to look through a certain lens in life, of inspiration, compassion, gratitude, kindness, drive and passion, to name a few. I strive to help my children to adjust their life lenses to focus on living with purpose, passion, and recognizing how they can make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.