Trending Treatments: Longevity Picks

These are our top non-invasive beauty treatments that are set to keep you refreshed and revitalized throughout the year.

1. SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave Pen

Plasma Wave Pen

  • Why this is a must

Presented by SIX Aesthetix, the plasma pen is the latest innovative technology in anti-aging. Aside from its ability to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the plasma pen can also be used for other skin concerns such as stretch marks, warts, and acne scars.

  • How is it done?

The treatment uses six interchangeable probes, with each one addressing a specific skin concern. Once an appropriate probe has been chosen and the face has been numbed, the plasma pen creates a plasma output that actually vaporizes the areas of concern on the skin. This then creates inflamed skin and, in turn, promotes targeted healing, which soon leads to effectively tightened skin.

  • Did you know?

The treatment can be used in different areas of the face that include frowns and lip lines, nasolabial folds (laugh lines), marionette lines (chin lines), droopy eyelids and crows feet.

The treatment is available at the Evolve Day Spa and costs are dependent on consultation results.

2. Payot Blue Techni Liss Jour


  • Why this is a must

While a necessity, the effects of our technology-driven lives are beginning to show on our skin. The incessant need to constantly be on the go or in front of a screen has left our skin aged, dull and dehydrated. Thankfully, the new Payot Blue Techni Liss range sets out to restore balance to our skin.

  • Active ingredients

These treatments use natural ingredients that hydrate and firm the skin. The ingredients also serve to protect the skin against the aging effects of blue light. The presence of hyaluronic acid smooths and plumps the skin whereas the addition of the hibiscus seed extract contains oligopeptide which can help to boost collagen production. Lastly, as blue light has been linked to premature aging, the inclusion of horehound extract helps to protect against its aging effects.

  • Did you know?

All of the products in the Payot Blue Techni Liss range contain extracts from the chaste tree. The tree is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which leaves the skin smoother and with a more luminous complexion.

Get it for 1415 and find it here.

3. Lamelle Correctives Vita-C 30 

  • Why this is a must

Vitamin C is sought out due to its ability to provide a range of skincare benefits. The purest form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid and, while beneficial for the skin, it is unstable in its natural form. Thus, most skincare products only contain derivatives – and not the actual ingredient – until now.

  • Active ingredients

Lamella’s Correctives Vita-C 30 not only contains ascorbic acid in its purest form but it also contains it in its highest concentration to date – 30% to be exact. The ingredient is stable so there’s no risk of it depleting inside its packaging.  The presence of absorbing acid helps to provide skin care benefits that include protecting against free radicals, which then prevents premature aging, encouraging the production of collagen, helping the skin to retain moisture and also promoting a brighter and more glowing appearance.

  • Did you know?

The ingestion of vitamin C can also help to protect the health of your skin. Despite popular beliefs, citrus fruits aren’t, in fact, the highest sources of vitamin C. Chili peppers, guava and kale all contain higher levels of vitamin C than oranges and lemons.

You can get it for R945.00 by following the link.